Tips To Ready Your Bike For New Decals By Removing Old One

The world of bike fashion is constantly undergoing changes. Designs and graphics that are in trend today become old and obsolete at a lightning-fast pace. To keep up with the trends, many bike lovers opt for decals and graphics for their bike bodies. Decals are indeed a great way to transform your bike at pocket-friendly prices. They instantly elevate the look of your bike from a plain and ordinary-looking vehicle to an extraordinary beast.

But what if you want to update your bike decal style with newer packs such as the KTM 250 SFX graphics kit? It means you will first have to get rid of the old one. Taking off your bike decal can be quite a challenge if you have a little idea about this line. Without the right technique, you may end up scratching the plastic or leaving behind an ugly mess.

To help you out, here are some tips that you may follow:

Soften the Plastic with Heat

Constant exposure to dust, dirt, rain, and sunlight makes your old decal brittle. When you try to pull off the decal in this condition, it does not come off properly. So before you scrape it off, applying heat is necessary. Hairdryers or blowers are the best way to apply the required heat in a controlled manner.

Position your hairdryer towards the decal and apply heat at intervals of 30 seconds from all sides. Remember, the heat must be enough to soften the plastic but not so high that it begins to melt.

Do Not Scrape With Your Nail

Once you observe that the plastic has softened, it is very tempting to peel off the edges with your nail or something sharp. But hold onto that urge! Your bike needs gentle care to look its best. So when it comes to the edges of your decals, too, use something soft such as blunt credit card edges and the like to pull it off.

Once a sizable edge of the decals comes off, it is easy to rip off the rest of the body. If it does not come off smoothly, use the dryer once more to create the necessary heat. Now wipe the area and paste your brand new KTM Volta Black Orange Graphics Kit. Guess what? Your bike is ready to rock the roads again!

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