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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Bogota, Colombia

10 Attraction to Visit in Bogota, Colombia

If you are a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to plan travel in a safe country. When we say safe, we clearly mean Colombia. A country as beautiful as it can be having so much to offer for its tourists that gives you immense reasons to fall in love with the country. Bogota, being the best tourist attraction in Colombia receives millions of tourists every year, making it a famous and perfect travel destination. There are numerous flights flying day and night to Bogota. You can book flight tickets to Bogota, Colombia for an easy and hassle-free travel journey. If you are planning a vacation with your loved ones to Bogota, Colombia here we are with a list of the 10 best Places to Visit in Bogota, Colombia.

  1. Walk down the streets

Bogota’s streets are bliss to watch because of their crazy wall art. The walls are painted in a way that each art describes itself so well, that it forces you to stand and give it a stare. Walking down the streets of Bogota, Colombia also makes your day productive and interesting when you come across many street cafes and markets to shop for yourself and get to know about their traditions too.

  1. Pay a visit to Salt Cathedral

Salt Cathedral takes an hour’s drive from Zipaquira. It is a Roman church that was built in the tunnels of ancient salt mines. Paying a visit to Salt Cathedral gives you a chance to know about the history of Colombia even better. 

  1. Explore the Botanical Gardens

Walk down the beautiful Botanical Garden in Bogota, Colombia to fall in life with the alluring flora of Colombia. With several bright colors of flowers and plants surrounded as far as your sight can reach, this walk will be undoubtedly a beautiful experience to witness to make your day pleasant. 

  1. Trek to Monserate

Climb up till 3000 meters to this another ancient built Church at a height for the tourists. Monserrate is a famous tourist destination for local weddings Places to Visit in Bogota. 

  1. Must-Attend Gringo Tuesdays

These language exchange parties are a must-to attend for all the frequent travelers out there. This is a weekly language exchange program that happens every Tuesday in Bogota. People across different countries with different backgrounds sit together and have a nice conversation over a coffee with each other to know their traditions and lifestyles better. 

  1. Visit the famous Museo del Oro

The very famous tourist attraction in Bogota, Colombia is the Museo del Oro that is the Gold Museum. Opened in 1939, this popular gold museum receives millions of tourists to see over 55,000 items in Gold. 

  1. Make a day for Museo de Botero

If you are an art lover, this museum is just the right place for you. Museo de Botero is a huge museum built with beautiful art pieces. Walk down the art gallery and see what real art looks like. It is considered to be home to Latin America’s most important art gallery. 

  1. Day out in Usaquen Market 

Planning a day for the Usaquen market is the best way to shop for yourself. It is more like a flea market where you can shop all the arts and crafts and basic cultural items. Great gift items can also be found here in this market. To explore the market completely, make sure to take a complete day out for it. 

  1. Explore the National Museum of Colombia 

The National Museum of Colombia is a must-to-do activity that should be on your checklist. Paying a visit to the Museum of Colombia should be a must-visit spot because here you get to know about everything Colombia offers and the history of this famous travel destination. Built back in 1823, this Museum has over 20,000 old art pieces that are must-to-watch. 

  1. Sample the local brews

Bogota has an amazing street side cafe for delectable breweries. Bogota craft beer offers a nice four-hour tour that takes you to the best bars in Bogota and lets you pamper your taste buds well with the best beers around. If you are someone who loves to drink, this tour will be the best one for you when in Bogota, Colombia. 

If you are planning to travel anytime soon, you can plan it with Tiquetes De Vuelos to make it comfortable and convenient. Bogota is one such travel destination offering many adventures and exciting activities to make sure the tourists pay a visit again Places to Visit in Bogota. It will make sure to let you fall in love with its beauty and let you come back with cherishable memories. 

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