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Top 10 Universities in the World to Study in English

Choosing to study abroad is a major decision. Many students hesitate to take this step due to ignorance of the benefits of moving to other countries for education. By studying in international universities to study abroad for international students, the young students get first- hand experience living independently, gaining exposure to multiple cultures, and expanding their network.

Moreover, they get to visit several foreign cities, gain adaptability skills. It will also make them stand out to prospective employers. However, there is one thing that most international students fret about

– finding courses with English as the medium of instruction.

To help you get over this hurdle, here are some of the best international universities to study abroad  in the world which offer higher education programs with English as the medium of instruction:

Best International universities to study abroad:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a top-ranked university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States.

MIT has over 11,000 students, 60% of whom study at the graduate level. The university has five schools dedicated to engineering, architecture and planning; humanities, arts and social sciences; science; and management.

All the courses in the university are instructed in English, and it also offers various opportunities for gaining research experience, with over $675 million being spent on research in 2019.

Stanford University

The Stanford University is one of the leading research universities globally and includes seven schools and 18 interdisciplinary institutions.

The university has over 90 departments and programs in the seven colleges dedicated to Business, Education, Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Humanities &
Sciences, and Law.

The university is located in California’s Bay Area, which is one of the most academically vibrant and culturally varied regions of the country.

The university campus has 81 student residences and 625 plus student groups, with over 11,000 students staying on-campus.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest-running university in the English-speaking world. While there is no record of the date of foundation, teaching existed in the university in 1096.

The university offers over 350 graduation and post graduation programs with over 70 faculties, 5,500 research support staff and 1,800 teaching staff. Over 60% of the university student population comes from outside the UK.

The university ranks higher than most colleges for research excellence and holds the largest volume of research in the world.

Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is the oldest university in the USA, founded in 1636.

It is also among the top five best universities globally, ranking high in its academic reputation and its programs.

The university has over 22,000 students, 36% of whom are international. Apart from the main campus located in Cambridge, it also has several facilities in the neighbouring city of Boston.

The university boasts 14 dedicated schools and over 100 research centers.  The university offers fully-funded scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate international students to help them attend it.

Over the years, thousands of international students have received the scholarships offered by the university.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, located just over 100 kilometres north of London, was established in 1209.

Over 19,000 students attend the university, with over 3,000 of them being international.

The university has six schools dedicated to Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Technology that house over 150

It also has a botanical garden, nine arts, science and cultural museums and over 100 libraries that combinedly hold over 15 million books.

Apart from the six schools, the university has 31 autonomous colleges where you can apply directly.

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