Top 5 features to look for while searching a wordpress theme for a car dealer website

Today, car buyers are using the Internet like never before. And why not? Everybody likes ease and comfort while making big decisions like purchasing a car. Customers now want all the information about a car they wish to buy on their laptops or smartphones even before they step out to visit a showroom. Thus it is enough to understand why having a fully functional website for your car dealership business is important. 

A Website for your car dealership can make or break your business, and this all depends on how feature-rich your website is. A good quality website has the right set of features and functionalities that compel car buyers to visit your website and purchase. The main purpose of building a website is to simplify customer experience when it comes to buying cars, and if your website is only going to complicate things, then it’s of no use to have one in the first place. 

In this post, we have curated a list of all the features that your car dealer website must have to provide an exceptional experience to your customers.


5 Must have WordPress theme features For car dealer website 

Advanced Search through Filters

Searching for the right car to buy is one of the most challenging tasks a person can come across in their life. There are so many factors people need to consider and options they need to go through that a simple search bar will not provide beneficial results. Your car dealership website should have an advanced search option where the customers can apply filters for attributes like car type, price range, a specific feature, color, type of engine, leg space, etc. This will help prospective buyers to narrow down the search results to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. By offering users specific targeted results, you can convert prospective buyers into loyal, long-lasting customers.

Vehicles Comparison 

Often the users are confused between two or more cars, and the decision-making becomes complicated when they view their specifications individually. You can eliminate this problem and attract more customers by adding a vehicle comparison tool to your website. With the vehicle comparison feature, your customers will see specifications of multiple vehicles simultaneously, side by side, that will help them make informed decisions.  

This will make the car buying process much more convenient for your customer and mark a great impression on your dealership website. 

Mobile friendly

As per the recent data, about 50% of the website traffic across the world in the first quarter of 2021 itself was from mobile devices. Looking at the stats, if your car dealer website isn’t working perfectly on small screens, you will be pushing away a significant amount of traffic coming towards your dealership. Thanks to CMS like WordPress, it will help you build a responsive website for your car dealership business using their pool of themes in just no time. Every feature and functionality that WordPress themes provide is optimized for all devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Vehicle inquiry forms

Well, this is an obvious feature that every dealership website should have. If a user visits your car details page and wants to know more about a car before buying it, an inquiry form will make it easy for them to connect with you. This helps people get in touch with you and gives you data about the type of car they are interested in. You can utilize this data in your remarketing ad campaigns to retain them so that they never think of changing their decisions. 

Thus we can confidently say that they are a kind of lead-generating form that will help you collect prospective buyers’ information. Make sure you include fields like a contact number and email address in your form and mark them as required. You can also ask them if they would like to subscribe to your newsletters in a checkbox format and keep it completely optional. 

Finance or Loan Calculator

Well, we all know how to calculate repayment on a loan, but adding a finance calculator to your website is a great idea.  It will not only keep your visitors engaged but also increases their chances of filling up an inquiry form. Do not overlook the advantages of adding this feature on your dealership website, and make sure you add a loan calculator on your vehicle listings page in a way that is easily accessible by the users. 

Wrapping up

If you are willing to build a successful car dealership business, investing in creating a feature-rich website will be worth it. We have listed just some of the features we think are the most vital for your car dealership business website. There are so many amazing CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, etc., that will help you build a professional website with outstanding features and functionalities. 


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