Top Best Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing in 2022

Technology has given us many several messaging apps. But how effective they are in terms of marketing to every customer is still a question. But without a question, Bulk SMS turned out to be the best marketing channel. Why? 

Because of the abundance of trendy messaging apps, people are more likely to use SMS as their mode of communication. However, mobiles were considered the most convenient device that made SMS the most preferred messaging channel. That unlocks several benefits once it’s used in the brand’s advertising efforts. Here in the article, let’s find out more about bulk SMS and what are the benefits of it.  

What is bulk SMS marketing?


As the name implies, ‘bulk’, Bulk SMS service lets brands connect with several leads in one shot. Mobile devices are common communication networks. That’s how SMS turned out to be a crucial channel for businesses.  Brands craft text messages with the marketing information as promotions and then send it to the contacts in the database. Being a simple, powerful, efficient tool, it benefits businesses and customers in many ways.  For every successful marketing campaign, bulk SMS has been a part of improving communication and returns.

How does it work?

Bulk SMS is used to alert, market, and work as a communication channel. There are a few major stakeholders in the marketing business that includes Bulk SMS services, Business, network providers,  Customers & Governments.

 To work this out, bulk SMS services in India use software that lets people add several numbers as they need. This software even accesses extra features such as retargeting,  scheduling, the addition of multimedia, and more. After that SMS- could be delivered to the mobile numbers internationally or nationally. Now, let’s see how Bulk SMS benefits businesses. 

1. It’s a fast communication channel


Technology is the main reason for the invention of several advertising trends. However, SMS is flexibility and constant. Bulk SMS is hassle-free marketing that can end with a straightforward and immediate exchange of communication. This software enables businesses to send messages to many clients in just minutes.  Now, you can upsell several products that convert leads easily. 

Bulk SMS gives businesses several opportunities that strengthen customer support. So, you can put up a full-time correspondence and offer FAQ answers to the consumers. This saves your time by preventing usual queries and can concentrate on the crucial business problems. All you need to do is come up with new marketing strategies to use all the effectiveness it offers. 

2. Personalization


In 2022, personalization is a trend. Businesses these days, pamper their customers with ultimate personalization services. They like to feel special and engaged with your brand and message right after seeing it. Stop sending SMS, that might inny attack a few people. With technologies,  special media listening, and market research, you could simply personalize SMS depending on the potential audience.

Bulk SMS services such as GuniSMS offer Automated Messaging services that can be used by any business to personalize the SMS. For example, you can send potential customers discount codes that they need. You can also remind them about bill payments or any deadlines. You could customize the SMS depending on costumes, age name, gender, location, last purchase, current emotion, and profession.

3. High Open Rate & Conversion Rate


Do you know that bulk SMS open rates and conversion rates are higher than other communication channels? 

Open rates of SMS are reported to be more than 98% which is higher than the open rate of Email which is 20%. Well, not every customer who sees your message might not respond to it.  However, there is a higher chance of someone responding to your marketing after seeing the messages than the people who didn’t.  According to the reports, people open every SMS that they receive, and most people delete the email even without seeing it.

And the response rate for the email stands at 6% which is low. With a 45% response rate,  SMS stands for very high strength. Your customers are more likely to respond to the SMS in 90 seconds. It takes more than 90 minutes to open an email. So, whether you like to promote products, sign-ups, or surveys. You will win with a higher open and response rate than other marketing strategies.

4. Effective promotional strategy 

Today, people wake up and sleep after watching their mobile. And the pandemic glued people more to their mobiles. Checking SMS is quite simple than checking calls, emails, or logging into social media channels.  

Even customers relied on SMS to get alerts,  notifications,  and information from their favorite brands.  That turned out to be compulsive for your consumers to check the messages right after they get them.   At times,  a recipient can surely check SMS content right after they received it on their mobile phone. That made Bulk SMS unique as no other communication channels are quite as effective as SMS.  This is also one of the affordable marketing channels that don’t burn pockets but fill them with profits. 

5. Affordable marketing channel 

Not every digital channel is created equally mainly in terms of pricing. For example, look at PPC ads that ask you to pay whenever your customers click on the ad. And at times you also need to pay for the ad if they see it, without clicking on it. 

 Email marketing is affordable, but pricing models might make you pay more in case you have a big contact list. And for customer support, you need to pay extra. At GuniSMS,  we believe that every business should benefit from SMS. That made our SMS experts create plans from where you can pay based on the count of messages sent. 


Looking to partner with bulk SMS marketing at affordable prices? GuniSMS is the right place for you. Our team of specialized and experienced experts helps with hassle-free installation. Contact our team today

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