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Top Best Universities in the World to Study From

Want a list of the World’s best Universities? If you are looking for the best universities in the world, we have put together a list. The United States dominates the top of the list – most of the universities are in the US with Stanford, Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley all improving their qualities. You can also make money online while you study. Below is the list of the World’s Best Universities.

World Best Universities

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford in Oxford, England is the first name on the list of the World’s Best Universities. The oldest university in the English speaking world is in fact also the 2nd oldest university in the entire world. It is one of the world’s extraordinary colleges. It lies along the upper course of the Waterway Thames (called by Oxonians the Isis), 50 miles (80 km) north-northwest of London.

Stanford University


Stanford University located in California, USA is another name in the list of the World’s Best Universities. With an acceptance rate of 4.3%, Undergraduate admission at Stanford University is the most selective of any university in the entire country.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The University is popularly known as MIT. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the USA as another top-ranked university in the world. Located along the Charles River, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a sea-grant land-grant, and space-grant university.

Harvard University


Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Harvard University is the oldest university in the USA for higher learning, which was established in 1631. The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study is part of the university’s ten academic faculties. Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate studies in a wide range of academic fields, whereas the other schools only offer graduate degrees, most of which are professional. The 209-acre (85 ha) Cambridge campus centred on Harvard Yard, an adjacent site immediately over the Charles River in Boston’s Allston neighbourhood, and the medical campus in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area are the three primary campuses of Harvard. Harvard has the highest endowment of any academic school, valued at $41.9 billion. While Studying in Havard, you can also take time to have fun and explore the United States.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology located in Pasadena, California, USA easily finds its place in the World’s Best Universities. The California Institute of Technology is hugely popular as the world-renowned science and engineering education and research institution.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge located in Cambridge, England is among the World’s Best Universities that is the 2nd oldest university in English speaking countries. The University of Cambridge is the 4th oldest (surviving) university in the World. More than 150 departments, faculties or other academic institutions, organized into six schools, make up the University of Cambridge. It is important to note that each college is a self-governing institution within the university. Each college has its own membership, structure and activities. Colleges exist for all students. Colleges and central facilities are being dispersed throughout the city. After a long period of study, you can explore England to enjoy moments with friends or also enjoy the weekend.

Columbia University

Among the Best Universities in the world, Columbia University is the other name that quite easily makes it on the list. Established in 1754, under the name ‘King’s college’, and it was changed to Columbia College in 1784. In 1896, Columbia College was renamed to Columbia University.

Yale University

Yale University is among the world’s top universities which is located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA and were established in 1701. The University is the 3rd oldest institution for higher studies in the USA.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago is also on the list of the World’s Best Universities. The University of Chicago was founded in 1890. The University of Chicago is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA and is considered more difficult than Harvard in some aspects.

Imperial College

The last in the list of the Best Universities in the World, the Imperial College reserves its place. The Imperial College is located in London, UK and is a world-class university that is a more subject-specific school than Oxford. The Imperial College is established in 1907 and ranks among the Best Universities in the world.


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