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Top Reasons Why Indian Defence Forces Attracts the Young Students

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or a soldier.”- Field Marshal Manekshaw. Personnel of the Indian defence forces are regarded as gallant and disciplined manforces. It’s all because of them that we are enjoying freedom and security at present. They have always guarded the frontiers of the nation whole day and night without uttering a single word of complaint. For their selfless service and extraordinary dedication, the whole country bows with utmost respect and honor. 

For youngsters, one of the most esteemable and honorable careers in the country is to join the Indian defence forces. By choosing a career of excitement, challenges and adventure as a defence officer, youngsters will be able meet all their professional expectations. Many youngsters appear for the NDA exam right after clearing the 12th class examination. If anyone needs astounding guidance while preparing for the exam, they can join the Best NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh. There are three main diversifications of the defence forces: The Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army. Soldiers of the Indian defence forces are the bravest for combatting high altitude battles. Active participation of youth has made these forces efficient in deterring the noxious hostilities. 

Here is a list of top reasons that convince young students to join the Indian defence forces:

Budding youth of India is jingoistic and zealous for joining the defence forces.

  • Job security 

After keeping an eye on the current economic scenario, grabbing a respectable government job is the best as it provides job security. Apart from job security, the pay scales are lucrative (the salary of a Lieutenant is around Rs 70,000 per month after sixth pay commission).

  • Facilities for whole family

Defence officers are offered facilities like free medical facility, free schooling to children, loan facility, canteen facility, superior accommodation, air tickets free of cost for you and your whole family anywhere in India once in a year. Additionally, officers are offered memberships to gyms, clubs and golf courses at pocket friendly prices.

  • Benefits after retirement 

On retirement, defence personnel are entitled to receive provident funds and other savings. After retirement, defence personnel will receive pension throughout their life. Moreover, training, experience and education during the service provide the best job opportunity post retirement. There are many private organisations that welcome retired defence officers in their firm and employ them on a designated post.

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  • Professional advancement

The defence forces provide countless opportunities to magnify your personality. If someone wishes to study during the job, the defence forces provide higher education to them from the esteemable universities. Multiple training programs run in the defence forces that are good for personal and professional advancement. The Indian defence forces is one of those sectors in the country that focuses on conditioning the caliber of its employees.

  • Prestigious job

Personnel of the Indian defence forces are revered with distinguished honor wherever they go. Joining the Indian defence forces will help you earn respect and a dignified position in society. The Indian defence soldiers/officers have a huge fan base in the country for the heroism they show on the battlefield. By joining the defence forces, you’ll be able to earn love and support from fellow citizens. 

  • Adventure and variety

Are you aspiring to choose a career of challenges and excitement? If yes, the Indian defence forces can fulfill all your professional expectations. Defence forces of India are a sum total of sacrifice, devotion, prestige and honor. 

  • Physical fitness

Joining the Indian defence forces can assure you a healthy lifestyle. If you are a fitness freak, joining the defence forces can help you adhere to a healthy routine.

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Top reasons that can convince young students to enter the defence forces are elaborated above. As a defence aspirant you should be well aware of the benefits that you’ll relish after joining the forces. From here we can deduce that Indian defence forces are one of those prestigious forces that offer job security along with other attractive amenities. Thus, these attributes make strong reasons for joining the Indian defence forces.

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