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Transfer bitcoin to an Indian Bank account Instantly

Transfer bitcoin to Indian bank account

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is popular worldwide due to its extensive rate of returns. In India, bitcoin is getting popular day by day and many investors and companies are investing in it. Most of the new investors have a inquire about “how to transfer bitcoin to an Indian Bank Account?” There is no means to directly transfer bitcoin to an Indian bank account unless and until the bank itself provides the bitcoin exchange service. In India, no bank provides the bitcoin exchange service so you have to first, exchange bitcoin to cash through any of the exchanges. After that, you can withdraw funds into your Indian bank account. 

Convert Bitcoin to INR at Online exchange

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is not under the control of a single person. It can be liquified into any world currency within a matter of seconds. You can convert bitcoin to INR at the best exchange rates using any of the exchange methods. Numerous bitcoin exchange methods in India are legitimate and also provide the best exchange rates. Some of the exchange methods are the bitcoin ATM in Bengaluru, online exchanges, broker exchanges, and Paxful a p2p marketplace. You can use any of these exchange methods. All these exchange methods have different exchange limits and exchange fees. The most reliable and easy way to convert bitcoin to cash is through online exchanges. Because you can cash bitcoin from anywhere at any time. Some of the online exchanges are WaxirX,, Coinmama, Coinbase, Binance,, and Kraken. The one that charges a very nominal exchange fee is bitcoins cashout. You can convert any amount of bitcoin to INR through this. The exchange procedure is as follows:

  • Open the website at any browser
  • Select the amount of bitcoin you want to convert
  • Select the currency in which you want to receive funds
  • Enter the payment method and click confirm
  • Then you will get a new page at which you have to enter the details of the payment methods and review your provided information
  • Click confirm and you will receive funds within seconds

Sell Bitcoin at P2p exchanges

P2p exchanges mean peer-to-peer exchanges. Many p2p exchanges provide their services in India as well as in other countries. At p2p exchange buyers and sellers gather and trade in bitcoin and many other things. Paxful is the best p2p exchange at which you can sell bitcoin in India at the current exchange rate. If you are heading to sell bitcoin in India at Paxful, you need to follow some guidelines that are listed below:

  • Login to your vendors account if you have an account otherwise, signup to create one
  • Then create an offer
  • Mention your terms and conditions in the offer 
  • Select the method of payment in the offer at which you want to receive funds
  • After that put the offer in the offers section in your account

If the buyer accepts your terms and condition he will accept your offer and your bitcoin is converted into INR. 


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