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Tremendous Book Marketing Strategies For Your Book Series

Effective marketing is the secret behind every successful product or service. However, when it comes to books, various book marketing companies have appeared in the industry that offer the best book marketing services and book marketing strategies to help you make your book a success.

As consumers, we always go for a safe bet, from reputable brands and stores to famous movie stars. We enjoy what they offer and what to expect, and the same goes for the books.

A series is a definite thing when it comes to books, and just because you wrote a series doesn’t point toward that; people will read it all at once. Instead, you must sell it as a product that customers desire or require and follow through on your promise.

Conversely, promoting a book series is a challenging game because you have to consider various things. One is the stress that comes with the all-or-nothing nature of gaining readership. If the readers don’t enjoy the first book in a series, you have probably lost them for the rest of the series.

Another source of pressure is that, even if readers enjoy the first book, a series requires them to utilize significantly more time and money for your work if they want to follow your story or ideas further. Of course, that isn’t always an easy request to make. You can also check tipd about the art of writing.

So, here’s a brief rundown on how to turn your series into a devoted fan magnet!

Brand Your Book Covers

Your characters, competitors, and the buyer market will all change as your story progresses. It’s very uncommon for an author to get to book three before they have figured out their brand, and their novels frequently don’t reflect that identity. Instead, work with a book marketing company to establish an authentic brand for your book covers, then republish the complete series with the new artwork. On top of being a wise financial choice, this is a fantastic book promotion opportunity.

Brand Your Book And Series Titles

George Martin is a fantastic example of an author who has had significant success with this method; each volume in his A Song of Ice and Fire series followed a similar branding template: A Dance with Dragons, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Game of Thrones, A Feast for Crows.

It’s okay if you didn’t have all of this sorted out at the start! Promoting a book series frequently necessitates a makeover at some point along the way to success. So, make the most of this chance to build your brand and re-release your books with a new release date. You can also hire a book marketing company to help you in this challenging journey!

Brand Your Product Pages And Descriptions

Each of your books’ descriptions should also follow a pattern somehow. First, determine a tone that is appropriate for your story and genre. Next, select a few keywords and phrases that will differentiate your publications and encourage readers to buy your book. Finally, focus on the cliffhanger in each book.

You will also want to make sure your Amazon series page is set up. This is an option when using KDP to set up your books. If your books have already been published and you are having trouble finding this feature, simply contact Amazon support and ask for a series page. They will arrange one for you. Moreover, you can also seek help from a professional book marketing company to set up Amazon pages for your books.

Use these aspects throughout your series. You will come off as a very professional and well-organized independent author, which are both great selling factors in and of themselves.

Make Use Of Calls To Action

These are necessary. Each book should conclude with a link to purchase the next one, a request to join your newsletter or mailing list, and a request to write a review. A book marketing company can significantly help you select and utilize these call-to-action methods. Consider what you may give as an incentive if you ask them to send you their information. A short tale or novella is the most acceptable way to tie your series together. And the vast majority of authors who have written a series have them sitting on the virtual cutting room floor. If you don’t already have one, roll up your sleeves and dust off your keys to get started.

Make Your First Book Available for Free

Although indie writers despise the terms free, these are tried-and-true book marketing strategies. If you can’t bear the thought of making it free, make it $0.99 or lower the price regularly, such as monthly, and make sure you run specials or advertisements around the price reduction to attract new customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach. Remember, all you need is for them to enjoy the first one, so make it simple for them!


Promoting a book series may be difficult, but the rewards are compounded tremendously as things start to fall into place. Readers will notice if you put in the time and effort to make your series appear like it was made by a mastermind who pays attention to details and consistently provides a high-quality product.

So, wishing you the best of success in your book series branding endeavors!

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