Untold Hidden Feature of Custom Printed Boxes

Brands always try to look for a suitable packaging solution to present their products to the customers. Custom printed boxes have become a prominent choice among brands as buyers love them. They have got unique features and it is easy to store any product inside. Whether it is the food, cosmetics, or any industry these boxes are used as free promotional tools. It is an affordable marketing tool that and doesn’t require any additional charges. Branding gives a lot of value to the product and makes their brand recognized among their rivals. You can make your customers remember your name, logo, and brand’s story with this innovative packaging box. It will also enhance the sales instantly bringing a lot of profits for the brands. Here are untold hidden features of custom printed boxes.


One of the most exclusive features of custom printed boxes is that they are easy to customize. As they are make with cardboard and Kraft they are printing friendly. Cardboard material is easy to mold and you can create the box into different shapes and sizes. It is a perfect choice for most of the products as it can cater to their packaging needs. The good thing is that you can personalize the box according to the specification of the product. You can design them into different shapes and styles that will add a lot of appeal to trendy products.

The color schemes you choose for this box are also customizable that can match up with the theme of the product. Brands can create cubic, rectangular, or other such shapes to make their bakery products or cosmetics more interesting. If there are graphics on the top of the box buyers will be tempted to purchase the products.

Environment-Friendly Material

Nowadays people like to use environmentally friendly products and packaging. It keeps the environment safe and landfills will be free from waste. When the materials are easy to recycle and reuse it will save the cost of production. The custom packaging boxes that are made of cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated material are winning everyone’s heart. It also gives a good impression of the brand and elevates its position in the industry. These materials are free of toxins and don’t contain any harmful elements.

Many cosmetic brands have chosen this packaging to enhance sales in this cutthroat competition. It is a good choice to pack food items inside this packaging as they will remain fresh for a long time. Customized packaging looks even more attractive when it is made according to the product. When a buyer looks at it he/she should not think twice before the purchase.

Interesting Facts

There is no doubt that the durability and strength of boxes are something that every brand looks for. It gives the customer a lot of satisfaction and they also come back for repeat purchases. For this purpose, durable printed boxes can be a good solution. When it comes to shipping these boxes will retain the real quality of the product. Whether it is the delicate soap, cosmetics, or food items they will remain safe inside the box.

The thick corrugated sheets are used to manufacture these boxes that are a perfect material. It is easy to ship glassware and other electronic appliances with the help of these boxes. Many brands believe it is a sustainable and versatile choice. This material can bear the pressure and prevent damage to delicate products. A corrugated box will act as a barrier against high temperature and humidity. It will help you deliver the big and small items safely to the customer’s doorstep.

Various Printing Options

You can choose any material for getting the boxes manufactured. When you are not choosing handmade boxes it is better to choose the boxes according to the size and shape of the products. It is easy to avail of many printing options for custom printed boxes. You can add images or graphics to the box making it appealing for the buyers. The images can be customized according to the theme of the product High-quality printing machines are used to print images and logos for the buyers.

It will not only leave a good impression on them but will your brand be recognized. Digital and offset printing is used to print descriptive information about the product so the consumer can know what they are buying. You need to choose suitable and easy-to-read text, to enhance sales of products. Selecting the right kind of typography also makes a big impact on the mind of new customers.

Easy To Laminate

Lamination is a popular coating used for custom packaging boxes. It will enhance the visual appeal and give ultimate protection to your products. Glossy lamination is one of the most popular choices among brands. They can differentiate their brand and products from others. This type of coating gives a shiny texture to the box that can be used for giving away gifts too. Matte-finished lamination is famous for giving a luxurious appeal to your products.

It can enhance the shelf life of cosmetic products and protect them from harsh elements. Textured lamination is also getting quite popular as it boasts of unique appearance. If you want to give your products a luxurious feel lamination can take them to another level. There is no doubt that the right quality packaging designs can win the heart of targeted customers. It also attracts new buyers who are wandering in a busy retail shop.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a popular choice among brands as it is designe according to your requirements. It is easy to feature a logo and brand’s story with this packaging design. Nowadays many people prefer to shop online and it helps them analyze the quality of the product. The unboxing experience of buyers becomes exciting and they come back for repeat purchases.

How To Design Custom Printed Boxes?

There are a lot of ways in which you can design custom printed boxes. You can add striking color schemes to print the logo and other graphics or patterns. There are various coatings to make these boxes interesting and it depends on what you want to choose. If you are not sure how to design the box taking assistance from packaging companies is a necessity.

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