What are the advantages of getting the S pass Singapore visa?

Singapore has always been known to be one of the economic hotspots because it is one of the easiest places to conduct business in. It implements one of the most business-friendly sets of laws. It was even awarded as the third most open market economy in the world back in 2020. That is also the reason why it offers many different kinds of job opportunities. These job opportunities can be applied if you have a permit like the S pass Singapore card.


The existence of varied businesses in Singapore makes it a good option for job hunting. Businesses from industries like the mining, healthcare, and even engineering industries are present in Singapore. These different companies require skilled and unskilled labor. However, Singaporean locals cannot meet the demand for the workforce. So Singapore offers easy employment visa applications to foreign nationals.


There many types of employment visa that you can apply for if you want to work in Singapore. Professionals, you can apply for the employment pass and enjoy its benefits. For mid-skilled workers, the S pass Singapore permit is available. While semi-skilled and unskilled workers a work permit is issued by the Singaporean government.


Mid-skilled workers are welcome to work in Singapore as long as they meet the necessary requirements. Bartenders, flight attendants, waiters, and taxi and bus drivers make up the mid-skilled worker pool. These individuals are free to apply And acquire an S pass Singapore permit. If you want to know more here are the advantages of getting the S pass Singapore card.

#1 Low salary requirement

The different types of employment visa that Singapore issues have different salary requirements. For the s-pen Singapore permits the individual has to be earning at least $2,500 to qualify, This is a relatively low salary requirement compared to the employment pass and the personalized employment pass. This makes it easier for interested individuals to apply and acquire the s pass Singapore permit.

#2 Can be renewed

Another advantage of the S pass Singapore permit is that it can be renewed. This type of employment visa can be valid for up to two years after the issuance. When the foreign individual has a clean record or didn’t commit any offense in Singapore, the government allows the individual to renew the employment visa.


It is the employer or the third-party agency that is required to process the renewal application. The Singaporean government allows renewal for up to three years. These kinds of benefits are advantageous, especially to the workforce. The longer the validity period the more practical work visas are. 

#3 Allows family members to apply

The S pass Singapore permit holder can also bring family members to Singapore. The application for family members to visa should also be accomplished by the sponsor company or a trusted third-party agency. To qualify for this kind of benefit the S pass Singapore holder should be earning at least two $6000 when they apply. The application for the family member’s visa can be done alongside the application of the S pass or after it is issued.


A dependant pass will be given to legally married spouses and their unmarried children younger than 21 years old. Common-law spouses and their stepchildren under 21 years old Are eligible for the long-term visit pass. Unmarried handicapped children over 21 years old can also acquire the long-term visit pass. 

#4 High quality of living in Singapore

Singapore is also known to have one of the highest quality of living. The different social services sector in Singapore has been recorded to be one of the most competitive in the world. For example, their education sector is one of the most advanced and comprehensive compared to other countries.


Their infrastructure is also state-of-the-art and is more advanced than neighboring nations. These kinds of benefits make living in Singapore easier and more convenient. In 2020, Singapore was also named as the third most corrupt-free country not just in Asia but the whole globe. 

How to apply


The S pass Singapore permit is open to all kinds of nationalities. The interested individuals should meet the following criteria. Any applicant should have a job offer from any Singapore-registered company. Without a job offer, these candidates would be automatically rejected.


As mentioned above interested individuals should have a minimum salary of 2,500 monthly. Since this employment visa is intended for meat skilled workers a degree or diploma is required. However, in some cases, the Singaporean government allows technical certificate that is related to the job they are applying for. The certificate should be equivalent to a full-time study of one year. 


If you want to know your eligibility or qualification for this employment visa, the Singaporean government has provided a self-assessment tool. This way you would know whether or not you would qualify for the setting climate visa even before you prepare your documents.

Application process

During the application period, the Singaporean registered company should act as the local sponsor. However, if the company is overseas they should find a company in Singapore that will serve as a representative. A third-party agency or service provider is also allowed to accomplish the s pass Singapore application.


Before the application starts the necessary documents should be accomplished. Documents like the personal particulars page of the candidate’s passport should be prepared. Other important proof of competence and credentials will be submitted.


It is important to note that each pass costs around $105 and another $100 once the employment visa has been issued. When the candidate is already in Singapore fingerprints and photos will be taken for further identification.


It is important to note that the different employment visas and Singapore have different application processes. You should be well aware of the visa that you’re trying for to be able to prepare the necessary documents. 


The benefits of these services also differ depending on your qualifications. Most visas are valid for up to two years during the first issuance. It can be extended for as long as three years if there are no bad records.


Get your visa today

If you want to get your own employment visa it is highly advisable to hire an agency. These service providers can help you acquire a visa that is a perfect match for you. Ren Ai Group is one of the most efficient agencies when it comes to these services. Contact us today to know more.

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