What Differences Should You Know About an Mot Check and Car Service?

We’re sorry to disappoint everyone expecting that MOT stood for something interesting, but it truly stands for Ministry of Transport.

When you take your automobile in for an MOT, it rates against the qualifying structure set by the Ministry of Transportation. The examinations done during the MOT are mostly focused on the vehicle’s safety features. When getting your automobile for an MOT, it’s crucial to remember that only garages that are recognised by the Ministry of Transportation can give a real and valid MOT Mansfield test certificate.

What Is Done During an Mot Mansfield?

The MOT examines the vehicle’s basic elements and safety features from the inside out, as well as portions of the engine.

External Audits

  • The registration plate and mirrors are in fine shape and securely fastened.
  •  to confirm that the lights are working properly and that the colour and aim are correct.
  • In the fundamental regions of the car, there is no major corrosion or damage. If any sharp edges are visible on the vehicle, it may fail the MOT
  • The MOT tester will inspect the doors to ensure that they open and close properly. They’ll also double-check that the latch is securely close.
  • The condition, security, tyre size, type, and tread depth of the wheels and tyres are all examine.
  • There is no substantial corrosion or damage to the vehicle’s structure in critical locations. An MOT failure might occur if the vehicle is found to have any sharp edges.
  • The MOT inspector will inspect the doors to ensure that they open and close properly. They’ll also make sure the lock is close and secure.

Under the Hood

During the MOT, checking specific features under the hood of your car is including:

The brakes’ condition, ensures that they work properly.

Emissions from automobiles, This check ensures that the vehicle is operating within defined guidelines, as well as that the exhaust system is properly install, free of leaks, and efficiently silences the vehicle.

Leaks in the fuel system are investigate.

The gasoline cap is tightly fast and seal.

The condition and operation of the steering and suspension components are verified.

Checks on the Inside

The MOT inspection only looks at a few interior features of your car, such as:

  • The front seats’ safety and security.
  • Ensure that all seat belts in the vehicle (including those in the back) are in good working order and that they are working properly.
  • The horn is put to the test to determine if it is work properly.

What Does a Service Entail?

There are three different types of automobile services, each designed to cover different periods of a car’s life. Servicing the car on a regular basis not only ensures that it continues to perform as it should but also aids in the detection of possible problems before they become costly problems to fix. Another advantage of having regular services is that you are assisting it in remaining in good working order.

External Audits

  • All service choices are examine for the brightness and functionality of exterior lighting.
  • Interim and full-service fuel caps are correctly secure.
  • The mirrors are clear and functional, and the service is complete.
  • Interim and comprehensive tyre inspections (tread, pressure, and alignment checks)

Under the Hood

  • All service options include replacing the engine oil and filter.
  • Windscreen washer fluid refuelling – all service options
  • (Diesel cars) Replace fuel filter – Full service
  • Air filter replacement – complete service
  • All service options include a visual brake check.
  • Complete brake inspection – complete servicing
  • Checking of Fuel pipelines for routing, damage, and corrosion as part of a comprehensive inspection.
  • Engine, transmission, and rear axle train drive are all tested – complete service
  • Full inspection of the exhaust system and mountings for wear and tear –
  • All service options for the battery
  • All servicing options for battery wiring
  • Bonnet catch check to verify correct operation – interim and complete service
    Interim and full-service brake pipes and hoses


  • All service options are available via the horn.
  • Windshield wipers – All-inclusive service
  • Interim and full-service interior lighting
  • Service light reset – Interim and full service

What’s the Difference Between a Car Service and a Mot Mansfield?

There are some important distinctions between an MOT and a service. The first is that if you plan to drive on public roads, you must have a valid MOT test certificate. An MOT certifies that your car is safe and roadworthy, whereas a service certifies that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Despite the fact that an MOT is undertaken to ensure safety – as previously said, it is built on basic government safety requirements – certain vital components, such as fluids and pipes, are not take in the test.

Given that having a valid MOT test certificate is a legal obligation, we recommend scheduling your vehicle’s inspection ahead of time.

Bath Lane Garage a Car Repair Mansfield recommends that you have your car serviced on a regular basis to keep it in good working order, whether you own it or lease it.

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