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When is the Best Time to Call a Plumber

Dealing with plumbing problems is without a doubt one of the most distressing and inevitable parts of owning a home. Indeed, if there is one aspect of your home that requires regular safekeeping and inspection, it is your plumbing system. The condition of the household’s plumbing fixtures is something a homeowner should not forsake. Whatever defect or break down, however minor it may seem, in your plumbing can eventually lead to serious damage that will also harm the other equipment, belongings, and areas in your property.

Every now and then, our home plumbing will be plagued by issues such as clogs and leaks, which could be a result of people’s sporadic display of negligence. When we are in a rush and too busy with our job and other household responsibilities, we tend to sometimes forget what we flush down our toilet or pour down the drain. Sometimes, we overlook malfunctions existing at home because our attention is focused somewhere else. 

When to Get Help from the Pros

Plumbing professionals are the right experts to turn to when you are faced with difficult conditions relevant to your home plumbing. You have to look out for the signs that will tell you it is high time you call the pros and allow them to take charge of the problem. Here are the common red flags you must know about:

  • Water Loss

Imagine waking up and discovering that your entire household has zero water supply and not a single drop comes out of your taps. How upset would you be? First thing to do if you have no water at all is to call your neighbor and check if they too suffer from similar problems. If your home is the only one having water loss, then it’s a big indication that something bad is going on with your plumbing system. Either you have major leaks, causing all the water to go somewhere else, frozen or burst pipes, water main line problems, or sewer backups. You should ask help from a plumber or plumbing professionals to figure out the real cause of the problem and have it solved immediately.

  • Sweating Water Heater

A “weeping” water heater is a sure sign of existing slow but steady leaks. The small leaks could be coming from the water heater casing or from cracks in the piping. If you have noticed that the ground near your water heater is rather damp, then your water has some issues that call for the expert hands of a real plumber. You can have it fixed or replaced. The bottom line is that you catch these signs early on before the issue becomes a major headache.

  • Low Water Pressure

It can be very annoying if you have low water pressure at home. It is also a major sign that your plumbing has gone awry. Reduced water pressure happens when you have the following: a) broken pipes; b) clogged drains or sewer blocks; and c) leaks in your mainline or supply line. These plumbing issues are all interrelated. Sources of leaks can be challenging to detect especially if they are buried underground or in areas that are difficult to access. Only plumbing professionals can help you locate the leaks and address them properly.

  • Stench from your Drains

Having smelly drains is so disgusting to bear and one of the worst indications of a problematic plumbing system. Sewer odors from the drains of your household are a sign that something may have happened or gone wrong with your pipes and vents. To properly check and determine the clear cause of the foul smell, you need to call a plumbing specialist.

  • Clogged Drains

One tell-tale sign that your plumbing needs inspection is when your drains are slowing or unable to drain. Clogs are a usual case and something that can be fixed with DIY methods or with tools like the plunger. However, if you have noticed that the clogs keep coming back or won’t go away despite your efforts, then you’ve got to seek assistance from a professional plumber. Plumbing professionals have complete sets of plumbing tools like drain snakes or augers that work effectively in terms of clearing out obstructions like hair, build-up, and other debris that are causing the clogs. They even have advanced equipment like cameras that help detect problems buried deeper in the pipeline.

  • Incessant Leaks

Whether it is a faucet leak or a toilet leak, if it keeps repeating, you should not ignore it. If your taps keep dripping or your toilet keeps overflowing, clearly you have clogs probably in your drain pipe. These problems have to be addressed immediately for they can affect your pipes and other parts of your plumbing system. Most of all, they can affect your utility bills as leaks are the culprit behind the unexplained increase in your water bills. Call a plumber as soon as you see that your taps or toilet are leaking non-stop despite you doing DIY procedures to stop the problem.

Plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, faucets, pipes, showers, sinks, toilets, showers, water heaters, and drains can crash, get broken or damaged, or become faulty at any time. The basic key to preventing plumbing problems from turning severe is to have them fixed as soon as possible. Either you can perform simple troubleshooting for issues like clogs or leaks, or call a plumber to help you with fixes and repairs. Regardless of how small the issue is, delaying or neglecting it can make it transform into a major disaster that would destroy other parts of your plumbing system.

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