Why is an S pass Singapore better than a work permit?

There are many foreigners in Singapore because of the job opportunities it offers. Singapore is one of the top economies today. There are lot of different businesses that want to start or branch out in the Singaporean economy.

These businesses come from various different industries such as the electrical, mining, food and beverages, all kinds of engineering, healthcare, and even manufacturing industries. The abundance of different companies in Singapore paved the way for the many job opportunities available.


The government has made it easy to acquire a work visa. That is to attract more foreign individuals to work in Singapore. There are many types of employment visa that you can get depending on your credentials. One example is the S pass Singapore permit which is intended for middle-skilled workers.

While the work permit Singapore pass is more appropriate for semi-skilled foreign talents. There is a fine line between these two kinds of work visa as the requirements and benefits from these visas are similar. However, most foreign workers say that the S pass Singapore permit is better than the work permit. So, in this article, let us talk about why the S pass is better than the work permit Singapore pass. 

S Pass vs work permit Singapore pass

The S pass Singapore permit is usually for mid-level skilled foreigners. They should have at least a S$2,500 monthly salary to qualify for this kind of work visa. They should also have a degree or a diploma as evidence of educational background. The Singaporean government can also consider a technical certificate like courses for technicians or other specialties. However, if they are presenting a certification they should have at least one year of full-time study and relevant work experience. 


The work permit Singapore pass is more appropriate for workers that are in the manufacturing, construction, marine shipyard, processing, and other service provider industries. For the work permit Singapore visa there is no minimum wage required to be eligible. That is why more foreign workers are able to acquire this kind of employment visa. Both of these passes can be valid for up to two years after being issued. Employers are also required to issue medical insurance to employees that are holders of any of the two passes. 


However, one of the biggest differences between the two kinds of work visas is your ability to bring your family along in Singapore. Only the S pass Singapore permit allows a foreign worker to apply for a visa for his or her immediate family.


The work permit Singapore pass doesn’t allow this kind of privilege. That is why more foreigners prefer to acquire the S pass Singapore permit over the other. Since these two passes have similar requirements, most workers prefer to have the S pass Singapore permit.

Other types of work visa

Employment pass

For professionals that are earning at least S$4,500 a month, the right kind of work visa for them is the employment pass. A foreign individual can apply for this given that they can show proof of their educational background and work experience. There should be applying for the manager, executive, or director positions to be qualified for this kind of pass. It is also valid for two years and can be renewed for up to three years. 


There’s also a different work visa for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want to set up their own business in Singapore should acquire the EntrePass. This pass is for foreign business owners that want to incorporate their business in Singapore. We can also apply for this kind of work visa even after incorporation as long as it is within 6 months after the registration of the company.

Things to remember

It is best to remember that there are different types of work visas applicable for the type of job that you are applying for. Your credentials as a worker would be a great role in determining which kind of work visa is perfect for you. You should also have a reputable company as a sponsor or backer for this whole process. Your visa application can be easily accepted if your company is a legitimate and credible business entity in Singapore. Without a company that is operating or has business transactions in Singapore, your work visa application will be more likely to be rejected. So you have to prepare the documents beforehand to ensure a smooth process.

Need help?

You can get the help of service providers so that you can acquire a work visa without hassle. Service providers can even help you determine which kind of work visa is perfect for the type of job that you are interested in. RenAi group Is one of the most trusted service providers that can help you obtain a work visa. Visit our website today to know more about our different services.


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