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Why Podiatry Physicians Love Sammy Ehr?

For nearly 30 years, physicians have relied on Sammy EHR, a Podiatry-specific electronic health records application. This solution can handle everything from keeping track of your daily calendar to assisting employees in internal communication. Sammy EHR is an excellent solution for any medical office, and its users adore it. If you’re thinking about transferring to another EHR and Sammy EHR software is on your list, we might be able to assist you make a decision.

The software is a powerful alternative design specifically for podiatrist practices. It helps you to get the most out of EHR without sacrificing your practice’s needs. Practice management (PM) is include in Sammy EHR Software to address the invoicing and operational aspects of a practice. Claims can be enter fast and without making any mistakes.

In this article, we’ll go over the many features of Sammy EHR, as well as Sammy EHR reviews and Sammy EHR Pricing.  All of this will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not this software is suited for you and your medical business. We can certainly assist you if you are interested in figuring this out. Continue reading to find out more.

Sammy EHR Features that Podiatrists love

1.     Intuitive Dashboard Feature

The dashboard in Sammy EHR, or any EHR for that matter, can make or break the software for you. Because you’ll be interacting with a dashboard the majority of the time, it’s critical that it’s simple to use. Not only should the dashboard be simple to use, but it should also be user-friendly. When reading Sammy EHR reviews, keep in mind what previous users have said regarding the software’s user interface. The majority of reviews for the software, on the other hand, agree that it is a fantastic dashboard. You may also personalize the interface to fit your needs and make it more convenient for you.

Users can log in to Sammy and examine their information on a dashboard that includes all pertinent medical data. To preserve the privacy of the patients, the information saved in the software is maintained secure using HIPAA-compliant technology.

2.     Faster Note taking

One of Sammy’s products is geared exclusively on taking good and useful notes. You can automate the entry feature and repeat prior notes with a single click to prevent having to re-type past information into each note. Podiatrists can document notes faster with Sammy EMR’s user-friendly features than they could manually. Templates are offered that were created with common foot disorders and treatments in mind. Additionally, a voice recognition tool is available. The latter turns users’ speech into text, which is displayed on the screen. As a result, clinicians can document patient charts while doing so.

3.     Streamlined Claims Management

Denied claims not only harm a practice’s financial health, but they also reduce doctors’ willingness to offer high-quality care. Users can expect a considerable reduction in claim rejections while using Sammy EMR. Any problems in claim entry are identified right away so they may be fixed right away. The automated eligibility checker determines whether or not an insurance plan is active. It also confirms whether a plan’s coverage is sufficient to cover a specific treatment. To ensure that doctors get paid on time, consistent and timely follow-up with both patients and insurance companies is maintained.

4.     Patient Portal

The patient portal function in Sammy EHR allows you to reduce not only burden but also errors that would otherwise occur. This tool allows you to delegate the technical aspects of a patient’s treatment to others. Patients can play a direct and active role in receiving quality care by using this portal. They can make appointments whenever it is convenient for them. There are fewer risks of latecomers and no-shows because individuals choose the date and time themselves. Patients can fill out intake and check-in forms ahead of time, which reduces wait times before visits. Patients can also read their discharge summaries, check lab test results, connect with doctors, and obtain prescription refills using the portal.

Sammy EHR Reviews

In terms of Sammy EHR reviews, the system gets a lot of positive feedback. It has an average rating of over 4.5 stars, which is quite remarkable. Overall, this system will help you run your practice flawlessly and, according to current customers, is well worth the investment.

Sammy EHR Pricing

If we talk about Sammy EHR pricing, the software has a decent pricing range. The software costs $359 per month to use. This is a very low price for EHR software, especially when you consider how many features are include in this.

Final Thoughts!

Now that we’ve gone through the software’s features, reviews, and Sammy EHR pricing in detail, you’re probably wondering if we recommend switching to the software. That, of course, is entirely up to you. Before making a final selection, we recommend requesting a Sammy EHR demo from the seller. This may help you make a better judgment. We would also recommend reading as many Sammy EHR reviews as possible before making a final choice.

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