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Why should you utilise the services of a digital marketing agency for your business?

Here at Piranha Digital, we are often asked why a company should employ a digital marketing agency. It is a common belief that the work can be carried out in-house at a much cheaper cost and whilst this may be true on rare occasions, more often than not, the wealth of knowledge that can be drawn on from the professionals is worth the extra cost. Let’s be honest – we are all capable of painting a wall, but we all know that a professional decorator will do a much better job in a fraction of the time, and the same can be said for digital marketing.

You may wonder what exactly is a digital marketing agency?  In a nutshell, they are a company whose primary focus is to promote a business; to attract new customers whilst also engaging with and encouraging current customers to continue using the product or service offered by the client.

So why employ the services of a digital marketing agency? Firstly, they will have a broad range or skills and a wealth of experience in their team. As soon as you bring them on board, all this knowledge will be pooled and used for your campaign. From mundane tasks like link building, to more complicated work on your website user experience, graphic design or website development and integrations, the agency will have experienced team members to work with you to improve your visibility.

Campaign planning is an essential part of Memphis marketing and prior to engaging in any activity, a good agency will formulate a campaign that will be built around your business. Be that online, in print, using social media, via email campaigns or all facets, they will work out a strategy that best suits your business, your goals and your budget. An agency will also be able to look at your business from the outside in – we all know the phrase ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ and this is often the case in business – when you are too close to the mechanics of running the business, it is easy to just keep doing what you’ve always done without being able to see the bigger picture.

Marketing is constantly evolving and any agency worth its salt will evolve at the same pace, or faster! What worked last year may not be so successful now and what worked two years ago is highly likely to be obsolete now and unless you have your finger on the digital marketing pulse, it is difficult to keep up – a good agency will always be listening and learning from the industry professionals and bringing these skills to your door such as the latest techniques in Local SEO or conversion rate optimisation.

By employing the services of an agency, you also won’t have to concern yourself with the more tedious HR side of things. No headaches with hiring and firing staff, no sickness to worry about, no holidays to factor in – your marketing will have unbroken activity in safe hands!

If you are thinking about employing the services of a digital marketing agency, just give Piranha a call and we can show you that it will be the best decision that you have made for your business!

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