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XRP to USD Converter from Australian Exchange

You can use the XRP to USD Converter tool for the conversion of your XRP coins to United States Dollar currency. The converting tool will provide the value of the currency you want to convert. You can use this converter tool for your Ripple coins on our exchange. Before doing conversion, follow a good practice and use a converter calculator, to check out the price difference between digital and fiat currency. To use the tool itself before undergoing any kind of conversion, one must follow the given steps below, to have a smooth experience with it.

Using XRP to USD Converter tool

  1. For converting your XRP coins to US Dollar currency, you will have to register yourself. The registration process is simple and necessary.
  2. Registering yourself successfully will allot you a wallet, where you can transfer your XRP coins for carrying out the conversion. This wallet should not be mistaken for permanent storage, as it is a temporary wallet used only when carrying out buy & sell, conversion, or liquidation
  3. After transferring your coins to the wallet, head to the conversion menu to start the conversion process
  4. In the conversion menu, select Ripple XRP from the cryptocurrency drop-down menu under the label “You will send”, and select a receival method for your United States Dollar, from under the label “You will receive”. We advise you to select the “Direct Bank Deposit” option to 
  5. Provide the amount of XRP coins you want to convert to US Dollars
  6. Submit your XRP coins from the exchange wallet to the provided payment ID, which is obtainable by scanning the mentioned QR Code
  7. After submitting your XRP payment, you will get a receipt. Take a screenshot of it and upload it for verification of your XRP coins payment
  8. Provide correct information in the provided text fields.
  9. After fulfilling all the requirements, finalize your XRP to USD Conversion by clicking on “Confirm Conversion”

After you have finalized your conversion, you will receive your United States Dollar shortly after. Our exchange management team will contact you for verification and confirmation of your successful conversion. Do check market situation, live charts, and price prediction before carrying out your conversion, as it will help you take smart steps and aids you in avoiding brutal loss.

Ripple Overview

Ripple itself is not a currency but a Remittance based Organization, offering cross-border payments. The good part is that Ripple provides all of these services nearly free of charge. Although, Ripple Labs also invented XRP coins which is their digital asset. It is titled as both centralized and decentralized. The reason for such titles is that its circulation is controlled by Ripple Lab itself. It cannot be mined, which makes it centralized. While it is after all a cryptocurrency having no backup reserves, so it becomes decentralized. Ripple Labs are in cooperation with Western Union and working to devise a cross-border money transfer mechanism.


After understanding the steps of XRP to USD Converter tool, and overviewing ripple, the conclusion points out that it is necessary to check market & exchange prices, and price differences between your desired digital asset and fiat currency before carrying out any kind of service against them. This keeps the user on the safe side while helping them earn profit.

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