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Yoga Teacher Certification: A Beginner’s Guide – 2021

Looking forward to joining a yoga teacher certification? Great! A yoga teacher certification is a perfect start to either deepen your yoga practice or become a certified yoga instructor.

Looking forward to joining a yoga teacher certification? Great! A yoga teacher certification is a perfect start to either deepen your yoga practice or become a certified yoga instructor. However, plenty of yoga practitioners are unaware of how does yoga teacher certification works or helps them.

Let’s first start with basic knowledge of yoga teacher certification before jumping to choosing the right certification course. Moreover, check out the benefits of joining a certification course. Read on.

What is Yoga Teacher Certification?

Yoga teacher certification is a credential issued to a yoga practitioner who has completed a yoga teacher training course. Generally, a student applies for the certification after successfully qualifying for the certification course.

However, the yoga practitioner needs to ensure that he or she has met the minimum requirements. Be it practical lessons or theoretical classes, everything should be in check. Only then the application is approved by the respective organization.

Different Yoga Teacher Certification Courses

Keeping in mind the existence of diverse yoga practitioners, there are three basic yoga teacher certification courses. Let’s have a look at different types of certification courses.

200 Hour YTT

The most basic and perfect start for newbie yoga practitioners is the 200 hour YTT course. It gives you a glimpse of the basic elements of yoga, types of meditation, Pranayama exercises, and yoga philosophy. So, 200 hour yoga teacher certification is just the learning phase that prepares your mind and body for the upcoming intense yoga sessions.

300 Hour YTT

With a few years of experience, you become eligible to enroll in a 300 hour YTT course. It deepens your yoga practice and gives you a glimpse of advanced yoga asanas and other yogic techniques. The best thing about the 300 hour yoga teacher certification course is that it trains you to become a yoga instructor.

500 Hour YTT

As you progress with time, upgrading your yoga knowledge could be a bigger concern. That is where the 500 hour YTT course comes into action. 500 hour YTC is a combination of 200 and 300 hour yoga courses. Furthermore, it shifts your yoga practice from the physical and mental dimensions to the spiritual realm.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Certification Course?

Choosing a YTC is quite complex. Here are some tips you should follow to join the best yoga course. Read on.

  • Yoga Alliance Certification

Before joining a YTC, make sure to check its certification authority. Expert yoga practitioners recommend that you should join only the Yoga Alliance certification courses. It ensures you learn genuine and true yoga from expert and certified faculty.

  • Budget

Another key aspect you should look at before joining a YTT course is the budget. Make sure it does not exceed your pocket. Furthermore, always choose a yoga course that offers the best value for money.

  • Certified Faculty

A certified faculty plays a major role in giving a perfect direction to your yoga training. However, you should ensure that the faculty is Yoga Alliance certified. It ensures they have completed a yoga teacher certification course so that they know what problems yoga practitioners can face.

  • Diverse Yoga Forms

From fast-paced yoga forms to deep & slow-paced yoga forms, a YTC course should have all the types. It should give yoga practitioners freedom to choose from a plethora of yoga forms.

  • Access to Yoga Material

You should always choose a genuine medium to have yoga knowledge. Hence, check whether the school is offering yoga material. For instance, yoga books or ancient scrolls.

  • Meals & Accommodation

What you eat at a yoga center could decide a lot about how well your YTC course unfolds. So, make sure you check meals available at your disposal. Furthermore, check whether the school is providing accommodation. Such smaller details play a major role in your learning phase.


YTC is a process of learning and growing. Moreover, it is also about incorporating new knowledge into your life so that your entire life shifts its balance. Hence, make sure you join the best yoga course to have a perfect yoga experience. All you need to do is to be consistent with your practice for maximum benefits.

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