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20 Incredible Museums You Must Visit Before You Die

Museums are the perfect place to learn about the world, explore your interests, and spend time with friends. But there are so many museums in the world, so we put together this list of 20 incredible museums you must visit before you die.

1. Uffizi Gallery (Florence)

This gallery is so famous that it was the first building in Florence to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This museum has more than 8,000 pieces spanning around 500 years of history, and it’s considered one of the world’s most excellent art museums. If you spend enough time here, you’ll find some of your favourite artists, although there are plenty of other amazing pieces to look through.

Uffizi Gallery
Uffizi Gallery

2. The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Most people know Vincent van Gogh for his paintings and the life he led, but few know that he also collected art from his collection. This museum contains the works that Van Gogh collected. At the same time, he was alive, and they are carefully displayed in chronological order. The museum is so big that you must book your Van Gogh Museum Tickets before going because it takes three days to see everything.

The Van Gogh Museum

3. The Louvre (Paris, France)

The world’s most famous museum may be the Mona Lisa, but the real star of the Louvre is its collection. It contains masterpieces from history’s great artists like Da Vinci, Picasso, Rubens and Monet. You can go to the famous Egyptian Room anytime you want and always see a different exhibition because there are so many rooms that they rotate to keep things fresh.


4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, New York)

It’s the biggest museum in the United States, and it contains more than 2 million different works. The Met has ancient artwork, paintings, sculptures and anything else you can imagine.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

5. The National History Museum (London, England)

This is one of Europe’s oldest museums. It houses a massive collection that includes everything from dinosaur bones to authentic Greek statues to even a space shuttle. The British Museum has more than 14 million artefacts, and it’s one of the best museums in London because it takes you into the past.

National History Museum

6. The British Museum (London, England)

This museum is so famous that two countries are named after it. The first is in Britain and the second in Australia, but they both have this museum in their hearts. This museum houses more than 14 million artefacts from all over the world. These artefacts include the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles and the Sutton Hoo treasures.

British Museum

7. The National Palace Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)

This museum was built in 1887 and was designed by the Japanese during their occupation of Taiwan. This museum, better known as the Taipei Palace Museum, has a collection of artwork dating back thousands of years. The most famous piece in this museum is a bronze cow, considered one of the earliest pieces in existence.

8. The Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

This museum is one of the greatest in the world, and it has original artwork from all of history’s most famous artists. It’s so big that you’ll need an entire day to see everything on display. Still, luckily everything is grouped by artist, so it doesn’t take too long to look at each section.

9. Rijksmuseum (Netherland)

This museum has the most extensive collection of Dutch art in the world, which is why it’s called the Rijksmuseum. This museum was built around the same time as the Louvre, and it used to be a palace before it was converted into a museum. There are so many paintings here that you can spend days just looking through everything they have displayed. But make sure you book your Rijksmuseum Tour in advance.


10. The National Museum of Art (Paris, France)

The world’s largest art museum is the Louvre. Still, if you look at the amount of artwork it contains, you might have a different opinion. The Louvre has around 35,000 works, while the National Museum of Art has more than 100,000 pieces. This collection is really impressive because it covers every significant artist from history.

11. The National Museum of Fine Arts (Tokyo, Japan)

This museum is relatively new compared to the others listed here. This museum has so much artwork that you must spend 3+ days just looking through it all. Still, it’s also one of the most popular in Japan. This art museum was once a private collection and was turned into a public facility in 1994.

12. The Museum of Modern Art (New York City, New York)

This museum is one of the most famous, and it’s the only museum in the world to have a building dedicated to itself. The MoMA contains a ton of artwork created over the last 100 years. These pieces include Picasso’s Guernica, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Munch’s Scream.

13. The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, Massachusetts)

This museum is the oldest art museum in all of North America, and it’s one of the biggest in the world. This art museum was built in 1876 and still looks amazing more than 130 years later. Still, you should also know that this museum includes a wide variety of artwork from different cultures. This is a great place to educate yourself about America’s rich artistic history.

14. The Guggenheim Museum (New York City, New York)

This museum is the most famous in the world, and it’s so renowned that it has its building. It’s easy to see why this museum is so famous because there are works by all the most talented artists from every country worldwide. This museum was built with a focus on modern art and this emphasis is shown in almost everything they have on display.

15. The Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, Ohio)

Cleveland Museum of Art was built in 1938, and it’s called the Cleveland Museum of Art because it contains artwork from across Ohio. It has more than 122,000 different works, so you can spend days here looking at all of them. This museum has a huge collection of Native American art which is why they call itself the museum of arts.

16. The Frick Collection (New York City, New York)

The Frick Collection includes one of the most significant art collections. This museum was built in 1919 and was originally a private collection. This collection contains nearly 400 paintings, sculptures and other pieces owned by the Fricks family. If you’re lucky, you can see everything they have in just a couple of hours.

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17. The National Gallery of Art (Washington D.C.)

This museum has more than 2,000 pieces of artwork you can see in about an hour. They have more than 100,000 pieces, and this is the most extensive collection in North America. This museum was built in 1938 and was designed by the same architects who created the Louvre. This museum focuses on American art, which is why it is the National Gallery of Art.

18. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History (Cleveland, Ohio)

This museum has more than 35,000 different pieces from all over the world. These artifacts are so impressive that they are worthy of an entire day to look at them. This museum is one of the oldest natural history museums in the country, and it’s a great place to learn about ancient civilizations.

19. The Biblioteca Nacional (Malaga, Spain)

Biblioteca Nacional museum was created in 1713 and is located just a few blocks from the Carmelite Monastery. This museum is built in the style of an ancient Roman library, and it’s considered one of the best libraries in all of Europe. This museum has more than 20,000 different art pieces, and you can spend hours just looking through them.

20. The Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain)

This museum was built in 1819 and is one of the oldest art museums in all of Southern Europe. This museum has so much artwork that it can take an entire day to look at everything they have on display. This is one of the world’s most famous museums, and more than 7,000 paintings were collected during the Spanish Golden Age.

A trip to a museum is a great way to educate yourself about art and different cultures all over the world.

Suppose you’re interested in visiting any of these museums. In that case, I’m sure you can find the details online, but it may also be helpful if you find some pictures from this art museum website.

I hope that you found this article helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your travels.

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