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5 Effective Tips to Protect your Skin while Travelling

Stressful routine, monotonous work-life, no-breaks

 Stressful routine, monotonous work-life, no-breaks and whatnot, how do you deal with this? A vacation could be an answer coming from many of us.

No matter if you are an occasional traveller or a travel addict, travelling is a fun activity filled with lots of adventures. These occasional breaks are important to relax your body and mind. Travelling comes with its fair share of stress and packaging burden.

Skincare and travelling- why is it important?

You put your clothes, documents, appliances, is there anything you are missing out on? Of course, your skincare products. When it comes to the choice of skincare products while travelling we got a long list to decide on. What to keep or what to skip; questions like these can leave anyone confused.

Skincare while travelling is of utmost importance according to the best skin specialist in Islamabad. This little preparation can surely save you from skin damage followed by countless visits to dermatologists.

How to take care of your skin while travelling?

So, what are the skincare rules to live by while travelling? Let me elaborate!

Change in skin hydration level, exposure to new skincare products and altered sleeping and waking cycles can surely take a toll on your skin health. Here are the tips to follow if you don’t want to damage your skin during travelling.

 1- Always cleanse

Cleansing is a must-have when it comes to skincare while travelling. It is preferable to carry your facial cleanser if you want to protect your skin from damage. If you don’t want to carry your cleanser or use the cleanser kept in the hotel room, then it is recommended to carry facial wipes to cleanse your face after makeup. Wherever you are, you can use these with convenience and prevent your skin from makeup damage.

2- Apply your moisturizer over and over again

Moisturizing helps to retain your skin’s moisture content. To protect your skin from dryness, the application of moisturizer is a must. This becomes especially important when you are travelling to heightened places. 

The dry environment can dry off the moisture from your skin leaving it cracked and cracked skin is more prone to damage and infections. So, it’s always recommended to keep moisture with you to protect your skin from damage.

3- Reapply your sunscreen every two hours

Sunscreen is known to protect your skin from sunlight damage. Sunlight contains harmful UV radiations that can result in severe damage to your skin. Sunscreens are known to shield your skin against this UV damage. 

Sunscreen is recommended to be applied after every 2 hours. While travelling you spend more time outdoors that makes the application of sunscreen mandatory. Thus, it is important to keep your sunscreen accessible.

4- Don’t change your skincare routine

A good skincare routine is one of the must-haves for a great. Skincare routine can vary from person to person and can determine how your skin looks or feels. No matter how much you try there are defined changes in your sleeping and waking schedule. This change can take a toll on your skin health and can affect its texture and appearance. So, to protect your skin from damage, a recommended practice is to stick to a good skincare routine.   

5- Wash your hands again and again

When it comes to protecting your skin, touching your face plays a key role. Your hands can house millions of microbes that can be quite dangerous for your skin. You are exposed to different types of germs when you are travelling to other places. 

So, a recommended practice is to not touch your face frequently. Further, you can wash your hands often to reduce the transfer of germs from your hands to your face.

Bottom Line!

 Your skin health is important and can be compromised by many things. One thing that can be damaging for your skin is travelling. If you are a frequent traveller, then it is critically important to take care of your skin while travelling. These tips can surely help to protect your skin from damage. However, if you observe any change in your skin during travelling, it is recommended to immediately visit a local dermatologist to avoid any further damage.

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