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6 Tips for Eco-Friendly Camping Retreat Amidst Natural Ecosystems

6 Tips for Eco-Friendly Camping

With vacation time just around the corner, most people are already preparing for nature camp retreats. The idea of camping is quite captivating and encapsulates all young and old who want an escape from the busy and monotonous routine. This break is quite important, and can greatly contribute towards the much-needed replenishment and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul.

As much as we need camping time to freshen ourselves up from the busy metropolitan life of Dubai, we need to be equally attentive of our behavior and attitude towards nature. When visiting the nature camps in Dubai, we are mesmerized by the beauty we see. Yet that is definitely not the case when we leave. Garbage, wrappers and leftover food is seen piled up everywhere.

With environmental awareness on the rise and more people taking a step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly living style, it is important to ensure that we do the same when visiting these nature points. It not only sends a positive impact on nature but also makes a contribution for the betterment of Mother Earth.

Here are some of the ways, in which we can make a positive, sustainable and eco-friendly contribution to our nature:

DIY Snacks and Meals

Food wrappers are commonly visible after a nature camp. Campers tend to bring food, and lots of snacks for the trip, and throw it on the way out.

Instead of doing this, one can take the first step and choose DIY snacks and meals. Along with that, make sure you are able to give special attention to the packaging types and styles. Instead of opting for single use packaging, try to use the reusable ones. Similarly, when it comes to food, try to plan ahead and prepare protein and energy bars. Such small and effective practices can greatly work to reduce the waste, while fulfilling your dietary needs to the fullest.

Reusable Plastic

Plastic plates and utensils are a go-to option for campers. However, these are quite difficult to collect and recycle. As a matter of fact, forks and spoons are so small that they usually fall out of the collecting machines.

So, rather than opting for the plastic utensils, choosing the reusable items is a far better option.

Crockery, utensils, Tupperware containers are some of the very common things found in our kitchen. However, if not willing to buy the collapsible bowls and mugs, with the fear of breaking them at the campsite, one can invest in other options. One may look for other options like investing in reusable beeswax wraps and snack packs that can fold in, take less space and remain a piece of eco-friendly equipment.

Trash: Pack, Compost, Recycle

We have all grown up studying the 3Rs-reuse, reduce and recycle. And when it comes to treating the trash effectively, what can be better than utilizing them here? When going on a campsite, one can bring along trash bags that are big enough to hold recycling and compost waste separately. Once the camping concludes, you can dispose of it properly. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The trash packing activities are widely used amongst the student trips.  After the camping concludes, the students are divided in groups to clean a portion of land. The team that finishes up quickly wins. This activity also ranks among the most effective team building activities for students, thereby eliciting a sense of community work and giving back to mother nature.

Biodegradable Soaps and Toothpastes

Soaps and toothpastes are made up of solutions that make them dangerous for the environment and marine ecosystems. In fact, it can take a long time for effects to degrade. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are at least 200 feet away from the water source. This small precaution is in fact a major contribution for the improvement of nature life.

Be Responsible with Campfire

Campfires are a famous downtime of camping, that can come up at the negligence of the campers. Although the precautionary care tips are visible at the start of the camping areas, people contribute to ignoring them. These unconscious acts can turn out to cause life-threatening dangers to fellow campers.

That is why, the camping sites give out clear instructions for campers to follow. Of them, the most important one is to make sure that you do not make a big fire. Heavy winds can direct the flame towards the nearby tree and it can go up in flames. An even better option is to add more layers of cloth for outside temperatures.

In addition to this, barbeque is a very famous campsite activity. Opting for a campsite barbeque is a safe option for campers, and lets them enjoy it to the fullest. Most importantly, when leaving, make sure you are able to properly extinguish the ashes, so that they don’t spark fire again. Throwing a pile of buckets can effectively dismantle their capacity to light up again.

Stay on the Trail

There are numerous options for the campers to choose the camping site from. The vast national parks have made a long trail for the campers to hike and enjoy. However, one should stay on the trail for the safety purpose of oneself and environment.

Falling off the track can get you in trouble. You may come across some danger or simply cause danger to the local wildlife. Having said that, these national parks have reserved areas for the campers to enjoy safely. So why tread away from the trail!

Effective Planning Ensures Success

Planning a camping retreat can be an overwhelming task. It requires the inclusion of numerous eco-friendly and sustainable options. Even more so, if you are planning on going with young children, one will need abundant energy to get through. Incorporation of some fun, outdoor team building activities in Dubai can do wonders for you and your children equally.

In all, adults can have a relaxing time, listening to nature voices, while children can let their energies out and live to the fullest. That too, while ensuring an eco-friendly time, amidst the natural ecosystems.

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