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9 ways Field Service Management Software is Transforming Flagger Business

As traveling restrictions ease, vaccine success makes more and more headlines, and hopes balloon. Flagger Business is back to its buzzing . Flaggers are not only back on the job but also seeing an increase in demand. Flagger Business are employing more than just trained personnel to keep up with the demands and stay ahead in the competition. They are leveraging advanced field service management software to increase the safety and efficiency of flaggers.

These are some of the ways flagger apps for field service management are aiding these heroes in directing traffic:-


Automatic Scheduling and Dispatching


1. Automating Scheduling and Dispatching

Why burden your employees and waste their valuable time with recurrent scheduling? Especially now, when you can rely on artificial intelligence for flawless scheduling and dispatching. When it comes to the traffic business, flawless task delegation is absolutely essential. This is when field service management comes to play. It helps you prioritize tasks based on high-priority areas on the map, identifies crunch times, and optimizes team communication.

2. Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking

GPS technology alerts flagger companies of emergencies, high-traffic areas, accidents, and more. This helps in deploying the skilled team at the right time, to the right place where their services are needed the most. Identifying their position also helps managers to assign them a site that is closest to their location. Thus, saving quite a bit of time and fuel.
Moreover, GPS tracking is also a vital tool for monitoring your teams. A platform backed by geocoding makes it possible for flaggers to view their work orders on the map, which makes it super easy for them to locate their job location of the day. Thus, saving a lot of time and confusion.
Interestingly, many States are opting for technology-based tools for vehicle tracking with live locations as well as for making traffic reports quickly.

3. Automating Invoicing

For an industry as busy and chaotic as traffic control, it is a real challenge, especially for SMEs, to generate error-free invoices quickly. Additionally, businesses have also come to realize the efficiency of a paperless system. This is exactly what’s making flagger businesses opt for automatic invoicing. The system helps them stay organized amidst the chaos. Saves them plenty of time and effort. And, eliminates the risk of invoicing mistakes, which costs companies thousands of dollars every year.

4. The convenience of a mobile app for a mobile workforce

SaaS platforms like Field Promax offer their services on smartphones to empower your mobile team with some sophisticated tools that make their job much easier. Although this boon from the tech gods have a plethora of advantages, some impacting the Traffic Control Businesses in particular are –

5. Improves productivity with live locations

With tracking and optimized routing on maps, businesses can –

  • Regulate fuel consumption
  • Takes away the issues related to paper documentation
  • Flaggers can clock in the exact time they spend on a spot with accurate time tracking.
  • Streamlines workflow

6. Identifies capital leakage and aids in fixing it

With accurate time tracking and location monitoring, owners and managers are notified of the exact time spent by flaggers on the jobs. This is essential to shield your business from leakage of capital due to unbilled amounts and pay your employees accurately. The transparency associated with time tracking also infuses a sense of accountability on your employees. This, in turn, shoots up productivity dramatically.

7. Match tasks with accuracy

Larger construction sites, busy intersections, and high-traffic areas call for experienced flaggers whereas less busy regions that are not accident-prone can be assigned to newer personnel. Assigning specialists and managers can make the most of Field Service Applications to assign tasks more efficiently. The app can identify the requirements of a specific spot and match these requirements with the flagger’s profile. So, the right traffic guard can be allocated the right spot.

8. Gives you a better view of your business

You can trust field service management platforms fortified with advanced technology to transform data into actionable reports. This helps you track your finances and operations and rectify the identified shortcomings.
Business owners can also get a view of key metrics like –

  • Time spent on a job
  • Idle time
  • Travel time
  • Return visits
  • Number of flaggers delegated to a spot

9. Forget about financial worries

You do not have to spend your precious capital on an accountant to keep track of your finances. Field Service Management software can be synced with your robust accounting software – QuickBooks. The logbook gets updated automatically with records of sales and expenses.

3 tips to improve the safety of flaggers.

⦁ Hire a well-trained workforce. And, make provisions for frequent training refreshers to keep them at the top of their game perpetually. This is the key to reducing on-the-job accidents that plague the realm of traffic control. Training should acclimate them with tools and equipment like the best flagger field service app. And, refresh the safety protocols for better retention. In addition to that, software should be updated regularly and equipment should be kept in its best condition with regular maintenance checks.

⦁ For construction sites, conduct a thorough assessment of risks and design a safety protocol based on the findings. The same approach should be adopted for accident-prone areas.

⦁ Outfit your personnel in personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets ANSI standards. They are high-visibility clothing pieces that play a significant role in reducing accidents.

The must-have features of the best Field Service Management

If you are scavenging for a Field Service Management platform that is perfect for the flaggers business, then, here are the features you should be looking for –

  • A platform that is compatible with iOS and Android to support a diverse workforce
  • Should be a smart Automatic Invoice generator
  • Arm you with GPS tracking
  • Serves a Cloud environment to store your data
  • Syncs with QuickBooks
  • Automatic Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Delivers accurate reports to aid business decisions
  • An organized dashboard for your employees to view work-orders
  • A time tracking tool
  • A platform that is backed with artificial intelligence to deliver you accurate estimates.

The right field Service Management Software arm you with technology to spearhead through competition and gain the digital agility required to succeed in the age of digitization. It is instrumental in transforming a traditional business model into a more efficient, productive, and swift system.

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