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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Find Out If You’re Furry Friend Can Fly With You

If you have an animal companion, are you allow to bring it on the plane with you when you fly? If you’re traveling on Alaska Airlines pets, the answer is yes—if it’s small enough to fit in your lap or under the seat in front of you, and if it doesn’t make any noise while the plane ticket to Alaska is taxiing or while other passengers are boarding and de-boarding. Want to know more about Alaska Airlines pet policy? Here’s everything you need to know about transporting your furry friend with you on a flight with Alaska Airlines.

What’s Allowed in the Main Cabin

Alaska Airlines allows most pets to fly in your main cabin. But there are a few restrictions that must be adhere to. A $100 pet fee per direction must be pay before boarding, and animals are limi to one pet per reservation. A maximum of two pets are allowed on flights to Alaska from Chicago between California and Hawaii, except during summer months (June 1 through Aug. 15), when a maximum of four pets may be brought along. Please contact Alaska airlines customer service phone number (+1-888-720-1433) (800-426-0333) for more information about flying with your pet from June 1 through Aug. 15 during summer months. Also, it’s important to note that you will need an airline-approved carrier for your pet; any soft-sided carrier measuring less than 17 inches long, 8 inches wide and 10 inches high is acceptable.

Pets are Not Allowed in Business Class

Pets are allowed in every other class on Alaska Airline flights, except for Business Class. However, if you book your pet in Economy or First Class Alaska airline tickets, you’ll be able to bring them along with you for no additional charge. The only stipulation is that they must fit beneath your seat or in an enclosed carrier beneath your seat. Alaska Airlines also allows up to two pets per passenger and as long as they weigh less than 80 pounds combined. For larger animals, passengers will need to pay a $100 service fee plus any excess weight charges associated with bringing an oversized pet onboard an aircraft.

How to Prepare Your Pup Before Boarding

Take your pet to a veterinarian within 24 hours of travel. Pets may need additional vaccinations depending on your destination. Ask Alaska Airlines for a copy of its service animal policy when traveling with your pet. Alaska’s policy allows only dogs, cats and miniature horses to fly in-cabin with customers. Alaska Pet policy does not allow pets as Alaska carry-on items, so if you’re flying with a smaller pet, bring an appropriate carrier that fits under your seat or buy one at check-in. For larger pets, purchase an Alaska air ticket for them (they are charge as excess baggage). Be sure to check that Alaska accepts animals from your travel agent or online bookings agency before purchasing Alaska airlines tickets and make Alaska airlines reservations phone number well in advance; some airlines sell out their allotment of in-cabin pet tickets quickly.

Why This Ban Doesn’t Apply to Service Animals

Alaska Airlines is one of many airlines that refuses to allow pets to fly in passenger cabins. However, service animals are an exception and can travel in-cabin with you. Service animals aren’t allow to occupy a seat, so they sit on your lap or under your seat. Make sure your animal is well behaved and suited for air travel—Alaska airlines dog policy requires owners of service animals to submit written documentation confirming their animal meets certain standards (for example, a letter from a licensed veterinarian confirming any allergies, phobias or behavioral issues). Furthermore, Alaska allows only one service animal per passenger. Pets are still welcome aboard Alaska Airline flights as long as they’re stowed in approved carriers (typically under a seat) during air Alaska flights.

The right attitude

Alaska Airlines pet policy is a bit more restrictive in comaprision of other airlines. It only allows dogs and cats as pets. But they must weight under 20 pounds (nine kilograms) and not be excessively objectionable or odoriferous. The dogs should be at least six months old and have been vaccinate for rabies. All pets traveling on Alaska Air group flights must be transport in an approve hard-side or soft-side kennel.

Note that you can only travel with pets in addition to your Alaska carry on policy items. There are no animals allow in passenger cabins. Because we recognise that pets are a member of the family. We are dedicate to providing proper care for them while in travel. Our crew genuinely cares your pets about your pet’s well-being. The dedicated care taker ensuring a safe and comfortable journey from beginning to end. Pet Connect animal travel provides options for securely transporting your pet. Please follow above provided useful suggestions and information on how to get your pet ready for take-off with Alaska air flights.

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