Amazon PPC Tips to Lower Advertising Budget for 2022

One of every three advertisers is shifting their ad spend from Google and Facebook towards Amazon, as stated by Forbes. The news is good as well as bad for an Amazon PPC expert.

The best part is that their work is more sought-after than ever. However, competition in the market is much higher than before, leading to an increased CPC. You’re competing to get the most effective placement for your advertisement against millions of advertisers competing in the market, which is the bad part.

Here’s the scenario: If your CPC is greater, your total spend increases as well. If competition is getting more fierce, this could impact the overall sales. In the end, this could result in an increased ACoS, which is something no one wants.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some Amazon PPC tips that you can use to reduce your advertising budget.

Stop Displaying Your Ads to the Incorrect Audience

You can accomplish this by including negative keywords in the Amazon PPC campaigns. To find negative keywords for current campaigns, you need to analyze the search term query report of auto-targeting campaigns.

From the search term query report, you can then add keywords that are not relevant to your ASINs. For example, if “blue girls’ pants” is the item, then terms like “Red”, “Boys”, and “Shirt” will act as the negative keywords.

The addition of negative keywords will save you the money spent on clicks that lead to irrelevant search results.

Optimize Your Bids

Begin by bidding down on search terms with lower sales and high total spending. Look for ads that have a lower conversion rate and sales, even the ones with many clicks. To solve this, improve the product listing and ensure competitive pricing. If you have launched a new campaign that has high impressions and low clicks, modify your title and image to improve the CTR.

Isolate the Search Terms

In Amazon, phrase match and broad keywords are “buckets” of terms that often yield tons of results for off-topic products. This means that on targeting either of these keywords, you will be allowed to set just one bid. The bid is then applied by Amazon to the entire bucket of matching search terms.

Isolating search terms help brands better manage their advertising campaigns. The following steps will help you make sure if your search terms are properly isolated:

  • Frequently go through the search terms and prioritize the ones that have a minimum of one sale
  • Use these converting terms as an exact match keyword in specific campaigns 
  • Remove the same converting term from the other campaigns

This was all about the Amazon PPC tips. Now, let us look at the areas you need to track in your Amazon campaigns that will help further reduce the budget. 

While running your campaign, you’ll need to ensure that you’re always in control of your budget. It’s essential to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign so that it results in a great return on investment. Following are three areas, tracking which will help you do so:

  1. Keywords

The choice of your keywords has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you do not select the correct keywords, you will not reach the most relevant leads, resulting in lesser profits and conversions for your campaigns.

The most effective option is always to keep conducting keyword research. This will ensure using the most appropriate keywords to promote your campaign. It is possible to find new and better keywords that could be more suitable for your campaigns.

This is a fantastic option to cut down on the cost of ACoS and create profits. The keywords you choose will bring in many leads that will be converting and increasing sales. This can be done without investing more cash in advertising your product on Amazon.

  1. Trends

While you’re running and monitoring your advert on Amazon, you’ll want to observe the different metrics within your campaign. These metrics provide an insight into the effectiveness of your campaign. These trends can help you pinpoint the elements in your marketing campaign which have been successful.

The following factors let you track the performance of your campaigns:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CPC
  • Conversions

It is beneficial to track trends to determine which aspects of your marketing campaigns perform well.

You might observe an extremely high percentage of people clicking on your page but a low conversion. This indicates that the titles and keywords of your website are pertinent. However, some aspect of your website is putting customers away. It may be necessary to revise the copy for your product to ensure you’re giving your customers valuable information that encourages their purchase decision.

Amazon allows users to identify which keywords are most effective. You can sort keywords by the number of orders that you receive, then see the keywords that drive sales for your company. This lets you eliminate irrelevant keywords that don’t help your marketing efforts and replace them with relevant ones.

  1. Selection of Products

Not every product is suitable for a sponsored ad. When choosing the products to advertise, you must make sure you select products that will be successful. The best products will boost the number of sales and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The promotion of popular items will aid in generating more sales. In addition, you can make sure that less popular products achieve more conversions by promoting them as sponsored products.


The highly competitive market on Amazon makes it necessary for you to have the edge over your competitors. Managing the advertising budget is a strategy that you cannot ignore if you are looking to make a breakthrough. We hope our tips help you and for added support, you can always consult an Amazon Advertising Partner, this will make the intimidating task of lowering the advertising budget on Amazon seem like a simple one.

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