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Baby Hates the Car Seat? Top 5 Tips How to Make Baby Happy in a Car Seat

Your baby is not like other babies, and no babies are the same. Some would love their car seat and some will cry just by seeing a car seat. If your children belong to the latter category, then you have a big problem. You’re not the only one. A lot of parents are still continuously looking for ways or tricks on how you can make a baby stop crying in the car.  

Car seats when properly use are a big help for infants in case accidents or a crash happens, and to protect babies’ fragile heads and spinal cords. Of course, you’re the only one who understands this but your kids don’t know these benefits. They only understand that if they can’t see their mommy and no one is holding them.

However, safety comes first. Here are some tips on how you can make your baby love his car seat.

1. Your kids should feel comfortable from the beginning

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When babies feel grumpy the minute you placed them in the car seat most likely will not calm down for the remainder of the trip. This is why it’s crucial to start off properly by making their seat as comfy as possible for them right from the beginning. You may check Axkid Minikid car seat if you want a comfy and quality car seat for your toddler.

To make them relaxed, never let them lean back on the seat straps while loading them. The instant feel of those noticeable items on your baby’s back can disturb them or cause discomfort which will only remind them how they hate their car seat. Meanwhile, if your older baby still doesn’t like riding the car, you may include frequent trial runs into your days while your little one is awake to make a positive connection. As the car in park, you may sit in the backseat and have some short playtime with your baby while they’re strapped in. Then move to the front seat for quick stints after they are used to what you’re doing.

2. Identify What Causes Them to Feel Uncomfortable

Can you see direct sunlight shining in their face? Try providing your car with a stick-on sunshade. Do they cry when they are not able to see you? Use a safe plastic mirror for rear-facing car seats. Are they wearing a thick jacket and feel too warm? Or are they cold? Make sure that you check the temperature is controlled inside the car. You may dress them in normal clothes and just bring the jackets and extra layers when you’re about to get out of the car.

Also, observe your baby’s gas. When your baby experiences a major gas after eating their meals will not feel like they’re constrained. So, arrange car rides long enough after their meal for them to get the gas out at home when they move around if it’s possible. Toddlers with reflux can feel discomfort in the car seat because they don’t get to move to the way they want and will feel awful if they don’t find the correct position due to stomach or reflux pain.

3. Sing a song or play their favourite music

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Many parents can testify that music can surely soothe their kids through car rides, and studies support that music can calm babies. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, any types of soothing, relaxing music can provide a calmer mood. They would calm twice when exposed to music than babies who are exposed to baby talk or adult talk.

For your next road trip, make sure you cue up a playlist of your baby’s favourite song. It would be even better if you sing along with the music because not only will the kids benefit but you will also enjoy it too. The road trip should not be turned into a car fright but it must be a delightful adventure ritual. Aside from singing silly songs with your baby, you can bring some toys too or their favourite books.

4. Use Essential Oils for Your Car Diffuser

Using essential oils are not only for adults! Kids can also benefit from them. Essential oils like lavender, neroli, clary sage, and chamomile can lessen stress and agitations, and make people calm, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. You may take advantage of the power of what aromatherapy can do to make car-seat anxieties transform into more calm, relaxing moments.

However, make sure that these essential oils you use are natural and not chemical-based fragrances because some people have negative reactions to these products. Aromas don’t completely help your child, but they can contribute to making them feel more relaxed.

5. Maintain Your Calms Always

Just try to keep your voice calm and neutral if your kids are facing a car-seat meltdown. If you will only respond to them with the same amount of stress and heightened emotions, you will only increase your kid’s feelings of anxiety. Provide your kid with plenty of praises when they’re relaxed and when they manage the trip without crying. You can give them a reward when you get back home or when you arrive at your destination. 

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