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Best Action Movies of Ajay Devgn For Action Movie Lovers

Ajay Devgn is the superstar actor of Bollywood film industry and well-known personality due to his effortless acting career. He did many block buster movies in his acting career in which he showed a wonderful acting skills. Most of his movies are full of action and their acting as an action hero people mostly love a lot. Now we share the list of best action movies of Ajay Devgn for action movie lovers.

Gangaajal (2003)

The story of this movie is about a police officer named Amit Kumar who is sent by the higher authorities to Tezpur police station to take a charge on that place. This area was full with corrupt mafia and crime and they doing their corruption with the help of police. In this area the famous politician Sadhu Yadav got benefit from all these corruption.

After taking the charge Amit Kumar arrested the Son of Sadhu Yadav with his two men by the help of other two police officers. Sundar Yadav very soon released from the police custody. The two junior police officers who already frustrated with this system caught the Sundar Yadav’s two men and blind them both and pour acid also.


In this movie the acting of Ajay was very fantastic and splendid and in the main cast of this movie include Ajay Devgn, Gracy Singh and Mukesh Tiwari.

Omkara (2006)

In this movie Ajay Devgn name as an Omi Shakula who is the leader of the gang of the city which support to the politician of that city Tiwari Bhaisaab. Importantly, Omi’s best and trusted gang boys were Ishwar and Keshwar. Firstly, in the movie Ishwar attacks on the marriage place and tried to convince the bridegroom to go after the bride Dolly who is actually kidnapped by Omi.

The groom which was Raju failed to find Dolly and finally the marriage doesn’t occur. When the father of Dolly knows that her daughter was kidnapped by Omi, they angrily reached at that place where daughter was. However, claimed for his daughter but Omi said I didn’t kidnapped your daughter she came here by her own consent. When Mishra asked from his daughter about that she said yes and Mishra feels betrayed and left away his daughter with Omi. In addition, you can free download this movie on in HD quality.


In the main cast of this movie Ajay Devgn, Vivek Oberoi, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah.


This movie is about a police officer who stop illegal activities taking place in its area. This police officer name in the film is Baji Rao Singham. A man who is always sort out the problems of his area people and stop smugglers to perform illegal activities in his area or a town. Finally, Kavya who is one of the main character of this movie, one day she comes on vacations with her family in the area of Baji Rao Singham and she impress with the courage of Singham by heart.


In the main cast of this movie include Ajay Devgn, Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj, Ashok Saraf, Sachin Khedekar, Vijay Patkar and Ashok Samarth. People enjoyed this movie a lot and after seeing this movie many boys are hope to be a police officer to change in their country.


The story of this film is about a hijacking of Indian airline. In the movie Ajay Devgn belongs to an army and he handle this tense situation with his commandos to capture the terrorists. The other group of terrorists plan to hijack another plane for demand in exchange of their release.

A Mumbai police officer ACP Jay saw that the army is also involve in this case, so he decided to solve this case with army officer. Moreover, in the main cast of this movie include Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Mukesh Tiwari and Mohan Joshi.


A one of the best thriller movie in the career of Ajay Devgn which is released in 2015 is about a simple middle class man. In this film Ajay is a simple middle class man, who is run its own local business of cable operator in Goa and when his family face a hard time. He protect his family by using all his possible resources.


The main cast of this movie is Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Shriya Saran, Ishita Dutta and Rajat Kapoor. People very like this movie its story and screen play and acting of all actors of the movie. A master piece title given to this movie by the most of the movie lovers.

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