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CCTV Camera With The Best performance

This affordable mini dome camera is easy to install. This saves you costs. The company delivers it from the factory, so there is no need for further adjustment work. Thanks to digital rotation, you can adjust the rotation of the camera overview remotely. You have to do nothing manually on the camera. In addition, with support for H.264 / H.265 video compression, Axis Zip stream significantly reduces bandwidth and storage space requirements without compromising image quality.

Some Best Camera Options:

  • Flat and protected against vandalism, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Complete 360 ​​° panoramic overview in outstanding sharpness
  • Forensic WDR, Light finder and Optimized IR
  • Axis ZipStream-Technology
  • 12-MP-Sensor

Do you want maximum performance in every light – or none at all? The AXIS M3058-PLVE Network Camera offers a 180 ° or 360 ° overview, indoors or outdoors, around the clock. With Axis Zip stream technology for reduced bandwidth and storage space requirements with unchanged forensic detail. The M3058-PLVE is perfect for shops, hotels, office units, bank branches, schools and hospitals. And in general, for all places where a complete overview around the clock is important.

Here, there, anywhere – anytime:

You can use the AXIS M3058-PLVE in a variety of ways, both indoors and outdoors, day and night. Made possible by Optimized IR and a large function package for which one word is enough – flexible. Optionally with black cover panel for repainting and adapting the AXIS M3058-PLVE to any environment. The housing is reliably protected against vandalism in accordance with IK10 and safe from dust and even strong water jets in accordance with IP66. The elements cannot affect this CCTV camera.

it can stream the complete 360 ​​° overview. So, you record everything safely – without even a blind spot. The video management software produces a rectified view of this video stream at will. Alternatively, you can simply stream rectified views in the formats Panorama, Quadruple, Corner and Corridor directly from the camera. And you can control up to four selected areas simultaneously by panning, tilting and zooming.

Sharp right into the corners – in any light:

AXIS M3058-PLVE for sharp images right up to the edges. With any light – or none at all: With Optimized IR, the IP CCTV camera can see even in the dark – so you do not have to switch on light at night. Forensic WDR sucks for clear images with high-contrast images. And AXIS M3058-PLVE’s Light finder technology ensures true-to-life colors in low light.

AXIS M3058-PLVE has a stereographic lens. This achieves a higher resolution at the edge of the field of view than in the middle. Thus it capture objects of interest outside the central perspective more clearly. This is particularly useful when the camera is pointing down.

Sharp images. Low bandwidth:

Using Axis Zip stream technology, the AXIS M3058-PLVE analyzes video streams in real time and identifies image areas of interest. This device captures important details of these areas in full video image quality, and compress other areas in order to save up to 50% in storage space and bandwidth. The result is high quality video recordings and significant savings.

Are you looking for an inexpensive and compact network camera for a complete overview of your property? AXIS M3048-P Network Camera is ideal for everything from retail stores to small offices where high-quality video surveillance with 360 ° view is required to protect investments.

Keeps an eye on everything:

AXIS M3048-P provides excellent 360 ° panoramic views of smaller properties with just one camera. The sensor with 12 MP and full frame rate (up to 30 frames per second) provides comprehensive and sharp overviews as well as zoom details for analyzing live views or stored recordings. Regardless of whether events occur in the middle of the room or in one of the corners, the equalization function reproduces them undistorted.

Compact and inconspicuous:

Thanks to the slim and dome-free design, the AXIS M3048-P can be installed completely unobtrusively. AXIS M3048-P is made from recycled plastic in an environmentally friendly way. The housing is also optionally available in black. The camera can also be adapted to the individual color design of interior areas by repainting. Casings that are laminated as smoke detectors and protected against vandalism are available as accessory options. The former camouflage the cameras, the latter provide additional, reassuring security.

Easy installation Low operating costs:

The cost-effective AXIS M3048-P can be easily installed on walls or ceilings. Accessories enable mounting on a tripod or flush installation in surfaces. The camera is delivered in focus, so there is no need for further adjustment work. Axis’ Zip stream technology further lowers overall costs by reducing storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 50%. However, it preserves important details in full image quality. 


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