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Confused About The Type Of Car Speakers? This Is For You!

Type Of Car Speakers

Summary: Car Speakers are extremely important if you are a car lover and fantasize about customizing the music system of your car. That’s where the type, number, size, and brand come into play. This article throws light on all you need to know about car speakers.

Author Bio: Prajakta is a vehicle enthusiast and when it comes to the music systems of a vehicle, she is highly interested in the personalization and customization of car speakers. She has been exploring numerous car speakers for ages and looks forward to being a car speaker reviewer in the future. 


Arguably, there is no better feeling than cruising your car down the highway, with the chilled-out weekend ahead of you, and your spirit flying through your sound system. Yes, you have thought about it right. We are talking about car speakers. When it comes to a subwoofer or a speaker for your car, you might confuse as everyone looks forward to the best sound quality possible.

Of course, you look forward to hearing your favorite music with high-quality sound, and your regular speakers are possibly not going to work it out for you. What you need is that perfect car speaker that will suit your needs while driving.

Be it a JBL subwoofer, infinity speakers, or anything else, all you dream about is the best sound quality. To get the feeling of listening to your dream music, you need to choose which speakers will work best for your car. With that being stated, there are two types of standard car speakers that you can consider for your car.

  • Coaxial speakers
  • Component speakers

These two speakers mainly vary by some factors including volume, affordability, customization, and sound quality. Let us dive deeper into numerous kinds of speakers available for your car along with their differences to help you pick the right fit for your vehicle.

Component Speakers:-

Known as self-explanatory speakers, the system of component speakers is made up of numerous components that you can install at numerous locations within your car. Exceptionally suitable for customization, they are pretty complicated to install. If you look for a 12-inch subwoofer for your car, you can consider taking a component speaker.

Getting separate speakers for handling middle-high frequencies, along with crossovers and bass is recommended when it comes to component speakers. Unless you are well versed in handling the best subwoofer, you might be required to hire someone to get them installed for you.

Coaxial Speakers:-

Maximum car manufacturers use coaxial speakers when they set up a car music system. They are speakers that come with the full range of sound built within a single contained unit. Coaxial speakers consist of various-sized subwoofers with a tweeter attached on the top or on the pole that runs towards the middle. However, unlike component speakers, they are pretty simple to install and do not require an additional amplifier. They also come with a crossover that requires the input signal and then gradually splits them into separate bands of low, middle, and high frequencies.

Ideal Number of Car Speakers:-

There is no particular number when it comes to the number of car speakers you need for your car. Factory-installed cars seem to have very good numbers of speakers every year as carmakers introduce premium sound systems with benefits like simulated engine noise and noise cancellation. However, let us stick to the basics. When it comes to replacing your rear and front speakers, the best fit is to have a system that is voice-matched.

This indicates that you are having the same series and brand of speakers in the rear and the front. If you happen to be on a budget, you can take things slowly, rather than replacing both at a time. In this case, it will be better if you concentrate on your front speakers first. Upgrade your rear speakers from the same series for equal sound characteristics when you are ready to make another expense.

What Should Be The Perfect Size Of Speakers?

You can easily feel overwhelmed when it comes to a long list of speakers for your car with different sizes. The best thing is that you do not have to focus too much on your speaker size once you tell the car manufacturer what vehicle you are looking for. Are there 6*9 speakers or any other, you need to choose whether you are looking for a front or rear speaker in the first place.

Sometimes, you might have to choose between two or more speakers for a particular location. In those cases, you can be following the rule of thumb, which is the bigger the better. So if you are provided with an option between using a 5-1/4″ with a bracket or a 6″x9“, it is better you choose the second option.

Tuning Down To The Finer Points:-

When it comes to the fit of your car speaker, we are just not considering the diameter of the car speaker opening. There is much more than the diameter and fit.

  • Make sure to consider the permissible depth of your car speaker opening, like whether or not there is sufficient space for a Tweeter and numerous other factors.
  • If you need brackets to install your speakers, considering them as a part of your expense is also necessary.
  • As far as power is concerned, know that factory ones generally deliver lower power and aftermarket ones come with a bit more options.

Winding Up:-

Now that you are well versed with car speakers and their requirements for your car, why not go through some popular brands like infinity speakers, a JBL subwoofer, and more. Apart from size, brand, type, you can also consider the sensitivity. It generally measures how much sound your speaker can build from the power you apply to it. With that being stated, the points and information given in this article announces to help you choose the perfect car speaker.

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