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Convert EML to PDF with Attachments- Effective Methods

How to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments?- Using Professional Solutions

In Brief Summary- Today, through this blog, we will tell you how to convert EMl to PDF with Attachments. If you want to convert multiple EML files to PDF, then this blog will prove to be right for you, then read this blog till the end and get the top two methods to solve this task without facing hassle.

Let us Start With The User Queries

User Query 1: My name is Jennifer, hello. I have to show some of my emails that are in EML file format in the presentation, but I need to convert those emails to PDF file format for that. Please advise me on the best procedure to carry out this conversion, if you are a technical expert.

User Query 2: My team leader granted me access to about 57 EML files for my investigation. I had finished my inquiry and had to present my findings to my superiors. During my study, I discovered ten.eml files that are essential to my project and that I believe have to be delivered to senior officials. I’m considering publishing these important EML files so that they will be available on all devices as a result. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to print EML files on my Windows 10 operating system. With a lot of optimism, I’m now sharing my problem on social media in the hopes that one of my profile friends will come up with a solution. If you can, please respond to the query regarding the conversion and printing of my bulk EML files.

But before knowing and understanding the solution, we have to know what EMl and PDF are and why a user wants to convert an EMl file to PDF. Then, in the coming part, we will tell you all the requirements.

A Short Explanation About EML Files and PDF File Format-

An EMl file is an email message supported by many email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, etc. It easily stores the data of the mailbox such as the subcategory date, etc., along with the email files, attachments, documents, etc. sent along with the messages. But, sometimes users want to convert EML to PDF with Attachments.

On the second palace, A PDF file was developed by Adobe Acrobat in the 1990s. whose full-form Portable Document Format. It is commonly used to save documents and publications in a standard format that can be viewed anywhere and anytime on any other platform. Sometimes PDF files are created from existing documents instead of Sketch files.

The Advantages of the PDF File Format-

In this part, you know about the PDF files benefits. Which we mentioned below:

1. You can store converted PDF files for later use.
2. To access EML files, you must install an email client. However, PDFs are accessible on any system with ease.
3. To conduct digital forensic investigations, a PDF file can be utilized as significant evidence.
4. The greatest benefit of PDF documents is their ability to condense a vast quantity of material into a compact file that is simple to send or receive. When compared to a group of files, PDFs are easier to share, organize, and view. For companies that deal with a lot of data on a daily basis, this feature is fantastic.

Approaches to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

After, knowing all the requirements. Let us move on to the solutions. In the below segment, we are going to explain two methods: a manual method and an automated solution to Convert multiple EML Files to PDF.

#Methodology 1- Convert EML to PDF with Attachments Using Smart Solution

If your data is important to you and you do not want the data to be harmed in any way, then try the solutions mentioned in this part. Becouse, there are no direct ways to convert EML files into PDF Format.

Download this EML to PDF Converter tool and easily convert multiple EML Files to PDF with attachments. IT professionals developed this software, which can be utilized by both technical and non-technical users. It is a very dependable and quick instrument.

Best Characteristics Of This Amazing Tool

1. The software can convert EML/EMLX files to a variety of file formats, including PDF, HTML, MSG, PST, MBOX, and NSF in addition to converting EML files to PDF.
2. No need for the ImportExportTools extension
3. When exporting EML files to PDF, there is no file size restriction.
4. Selective data conversion function that allows for both individual selection and date filtering.
5. Maintain Folder Hierarchy functionality to preserve the original folder design.
6. There are other choices for Internet message headers and naming standards.
7. Choosing the location of where to save the converted PDF file is an option
8. All Windows OS versions, including the most recent Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc., are compatible.

Now Understand the Tool Steps

1. Download, Install & Run the tool on your computer to convert multiple EML Files to PDF.
2. Look through the program panel and the folder holding the EML file.
3. To access the PDF file, click the Radio tab. then choose “Explore” from the menu.
4. To apply different options, select Advanced Settings.
5. The converting procedure can be started by clicking the Export tab. The tool will provide you with the output PDF file after the converting procedure is finished.

#Methodology 2- Convert EML to PDF with Attachments Using Manual Method

If you do not want to spend your time and money on this third-party tool and want a free solution. So, you can go with the steps mentioned below.

NOTE: To do the steps given below, it is very important to have Mozilla Thunderbird and the user account configured on your computer.

1. Run the “Mozilla Thunderbird” on your local computer to import EML files to Thunderbird.
2. Now, Choose the folder containing the “EML Messages” and then, click “Right” for options.
3. Then, press the “ImportExportTools NG” and then, choose “Export All Messages In The Folder“.
4. Now, choose “PDF” as an export file format.
5. On the targeted message “Right” click and then, press the “Save” selected messages option and hit on the “PDF Format“.
6. Then, hit on “Browse” and then choose “Desire Location” to store EML files in PDF format.
7. Finally, select any “Folder” to save the “PDF File“.

If you choose this method. It has some limitations that you have to face. In the lower part, you are aware of manual loopholes.

Manual Method Limitations-

1. The process is quite time-consuming and demands a lot of the consumers’ time and energy.
2. The manual method mentioned above does not instantly convert the EML file to PDF format.
3. The method is difficult for novice users because it necessitates technological expertise.
4. On rare occasions, users might not convert all of their data.
5. Human mistake is a real possibility.
6. If you miss any method while trying these steps, then your data may be damaged, and may be deleted.

Time To Close It

In this entire blog, we have told about the EML file and PDF format with the benefits of PDF (Portable Document Table) format and we have guided you through two free and third-party tools to convert EML to PDF with Attachments, along with some drawbacks of free methods and advantages of smart solutions if you do not want to lose data. Would recommend you use a third-party tool. Becouse, this utility is highly popular in this world to import email data from EML to PDF format without losing a single bit of data. This tool gives multiple facilities. Now it is up to you which method you want to choose.

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