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Defining Marketing Campaigns ns with Animation Explainer Video

Animation has changed how we look at a video or image. Talking about the marketing industry, animations has become a core business success deciding factor. It places the companies on a platform that engages customers and keeps them hooked to the brand. Look at the new marketing videos, and you will find many animated videos where an animation explainer video tops the list. The smart move by animation companies enables businesses to manipulate characters and objects to create an illusion of movement. Unlike the traditional marketing method, this one will bring higher results.

Videos are a new marketing technique. As the world moves towards digitalization, people spend more time on mobile phones, laptops, or other electronic entertainment devices. This means the online audience is more, but since most people are there to work, they do not have the time to read marketing campaigns or understand the brand in depth. In such a situation, people prefer watching short videos, and even if they are not short, they are engaging enough to see and understand while multi-tasking. According to a recent study, people are more prone to understand facts and figures quickly and efficiently when using all the five senses rather than just reading. It serves as the main reason for marketing videos that strive to keep the audience hooked to the brand.

How can you define animated or explainer videos?

These are short videos simplifying the complex concepts of a brand and its offerings. It is mainly used for the technical or manufacturing industries that are boring and need an entertaining way of explaining what the product or service does. Here the main aim of creating videos gets served through an engaging and simple way of explaining the brand. It takes less than 2 minutes, but the customers enjoy the marketing and pay no heed to the time. They have become the most demanded videos of all time, helping companies multiply ROI in less time.

Here the main aim of any organization is to explain the company and its products and services. In short, the animated explainer video gives all the information or explains the nitty-gritty of the brands or topics in discussion. But the animators need to remember the target audience and find the best way to reach out to the audience in just a few minutes. A recent study shows the first 20 to 40 seconds of minutes are very important. Anything a person reads or sees gets embedded in their minds forever. Thus, companies work and try to create a memorable impact by providing attractive information in the first twenty seconds, and the rest is explained in the next seconds or minutes.

Companies can easily earn profits by generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and improving conversions. All this just by creating an animated video. However, it becomes essential for them to create quality videos with high-resolution and informative content. Informative content here doesn’t mean going in-depth about the policies and meaning but a summary of the key points that make the brand stand out. There are various examples online and around you.

What is the cost of animation videos?

The animated videos vary from industry to industry, depending on the core values. Moreover, it depends on the goals and requirements of a company as each has a different need. So when talking about the animation cost, we would say it varies from industry to industry, and if not, it varies according to your business requirements. Few firms opt for basic animations, while others may opt for a more professional video. Besides this, the animators need to look at the video minutes. The lengthy the video, the more costly it is. Few agencies even offer customized packages which are much cheaper than opting for a single service. Here the quality plays a vital role in deciding the animation cost.

The world is changing rapidly, and every minute significant technological advancements are happening at a time like these animations to keep updating the machines or computers used for creating videos. This further increases the cost of explainer videos. A technical industry will charge more to explain the concept or make the video attractive than an entertainment industry. It is challenging to make technical stuff engaging as few are ready to watch them. Further, if a company decides to get the videos revised, the cost tends to increase depending on the number of revisions done. Therefore, it is advised to choose wisely.

Lastly, a professional agency or animator will charge more than a new one. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle work pressures and create interactive videos using playful characters and beautiful objects. They even know how to integrate vibrant colors to make the video stand out. So determining a fixed cost is impossible with animation explainer videos. Companies need to do their own homework or hire an animator to get a rough estimate.

Are these videos in demand?

Yes, the explainer animated videos are highly in demand these days where nearly 95% of the people watch them every day. The primary reason behind the popularity is the use of cartoonish characters that makes everything look fun and enjoyable. Imagine getting knowledge about technology through a short, entertaining video that explains everything. Who wouldn’t watch it? For the audience, it is no less than a short movie. Recent research shows how these videos increased online brand visibility, created brand awareness in different domains, and boosted conversions leading to sales. It leads to higher profits. Nearly 78% of the marketers vouch for its incredible performance and share their experience of multiplying the ROI more often. Seeing this, many have even invested their future in animations, showing clear signs of its dramatic increase.


Animation and explainer videos go hand in hand, placing the brand in front of the audience in the most entertaining way while explaining the core values or what it actually does. These videos summarize the brand functionalities in depth. Who knew a short 2-minute video could boost sales in no time? Or should we say how cartoons improve the brand identity? The future is all digital, and therefore, people will keep watching such videos. They have shifted from reading to watching as it saves time and gives the whole picture within a few seconds. So the next time you want to market a brand, make efficient use of explainer videos but with animations.

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