Do You Think You’re a Terrible Employee: Signs of a Bad Employee

Working in a healthy environment with a good position and with a determined boss is a dream for many employees. But what if you are toxic to the work environment? Self-confidence is a good thing. Overconfidence can create a big problem for you in the working environment. If the ability to work with a team lacks in an employee it’s hard for him to survive. Do not be a problem worker for others. Recruiter always hires the best employee for a job. If the employees’ performance is lower than average, management can take resignation from him. Constant coaching and training can improve the skills and behavior of the particular employee. A bad employee can ruin the work environment. Let us discover the signs of a bad employee. 

Lack of Punctuality

The most prominent sign of a bad employee is that he never comes to the office on time. His lack of punctuality shows that he is lazy to perform work on given deadlines. Bad employees always get into office meetings late and always bargain with the boss about extra working hours. His harsh behavior over his work shows that he is not the right choice for the company. He sets a negative impression of his personality in the organization. Your CV writing skills mention that you are punctual, the team finds you lazy and you can get fired from your job role. Think and act accordingly. 

Gossiping all the Time

Constant working can make you feel a bit tired. Taking a rest and gossiping with your colleagues for a few minutes is a good choice. But taking unnecessary breaks from work and irrelevant gossiping can destroy your image. Spreading false rumors about employees is a sign that you are a toxic employee. You want to maintain a positive side, gossip less, and give your opinion when needed. 

Irrelevant Demands

Every organization provides relaxation in the working environment and benefits of salary and other opportunities to grow their employees. When the company provides all the desirable benefits to its employee, he still demands extra time and increments that indicates he is a toxic employee. Earning a better reputation is mandatory in the workplace. But regular demanding habits can ruin one’s career. 

You can’t Deal with Work Pressure

A boss has a right to hire and fire any employee if he experiences any negative side of an employee. Sometimes the company has much to perform in minimum time. The manager requests its employees to perform extra work. If the employee makes excuses not to do the task then the boss can even fire him from his job role. A toxic employee searches for ways to get out of the situation without performing the given task. One must understand the work ethics and the scenario of the organization. Setting a positive image takes time but destroying the reputation takes no time. So think and take responsibility for your work. 


Another sign of a toxic employee is that he proves to be smarter than anyone else in the office. He did not regard his colleagues and showed his arrogance of a high level. No one wants to work with an employee like that. Good behavior can lead one to a higher level of success. A professional employee with attitude and arrogance can never make him succeed. 

No or less Productivity

When an employee is productive and accomplishes his work on time, he gets rewarded by his boss. Lessor or productivity is a sign of a bad employee. Every organization wants its employees to be smart workers so that the organization can benefit from it. If you provide professional resume services and you are lazy then another employee will soon get your place. Always show your act on a given deadline. If your boss asks you to get into a new project, then do not miss the opportunities. Minor scenarios can set your positive image. 

Taking Everything Into Account

You have two options. Either to be a hard-working employee who accomplishes his work on time or to be a terrible employee with a negative image. If you are new in a company, try to be punctual as punctuality counts when it comes to performance measurement. Ignore the toxic behavior in the workplace and try to be nice with your boss and with other colleagues. Demanding increments is not right. With time the organization will not only increase your monthly salary but will provide you extra benefits. It all depends on how you perform in the company and how you deal with the staff and management. Try to learn the work ethics and how to move with the team. Teamwork is a chance for newcomers to learn and grow. Set your goal and perform work with your best.


Humaiz ahmed is a digital marketeer, blogger, and entrepreneur. He loves to write on topics like digital marketing, health, fitness, lifestyle and life hacks where he can share his experience and knowledge with others.

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