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Easy tips for building the relationship of SEO with Google

SEO for Beginners

Before moving on to the tips and tricks section, I would like to briefly describe Search Engine Optimization for beginners.


SEO is a thing in Google that assesses all our website content deeply to make sure which website content is more accurate and properly written without any plagiarism.
Most people are working hard to acquire an organic reach to their websites and social media handles, which is very difficult and next to impossible without following all SEO rules. Your SEO makes your website stronger and reachable to your viewers as it ranks the website higher on SERP. This article will be really helpful for those who are struggling because these tips and tricks are written by our company which is known as the best SEO experts company in town.


If you want your website to appear on the first page of Google, then make sure you write the content according to the Google likes and dislikes.


As we all know that if Google fails in finding our business website then we won’t be able to boost our ranking and which makes your chance of appearing on the first page of Google very less and if this happens then only those people can find your business website who knows its name or URL and the chances of this is very low and still you won’t be able to reach the maximum audience which is possible through ranking your website in the front page of Google. So make sure you follow all the tips properly.

Best tips and tricks to rapidly increase your ranking:

Link Building: 

Link building is an important part of a WordPress website which shows the search engines how much your content is reliable and better than the rest and in this case, link-building services help you to boost your website in google.

Meta Descriptions: 

Writing effective and eye-catching meta tags helps your website to rank and if you feel writing meta tags is difficult for you then you can consider an eCommerce SEO agency that helps the business website to rank in Google, our services are very useful for that business website who don’t know much about WordPress and their rules.

Keyword Stuffing: 

Do not place your keywords in your content forcefully this looks not good for readers and also Google does not rank these websites where content is not written properly. For instance, if you are selling your products on Amazon then you have to follow the Amazon SEO services procedure to rank your products more highly in the search bar of Amazon. You should also use a listing optimization service here which helps you to improve your appearance in the search bar of Amazon, and then you can update your product pages pretty easily.

XML Sitemap:

You should make a sitemap in XML which is also very important, and this thing will help Google, Bing, and other strong search engines to find your website page. This thing is a little tricky for beginners (I understand) so you can hire a technical SEO service provider for these types of technical requirements in search engines and cannot be ignored easily because ignoring this crucial step can affect your ranking in Google which none of us want. 

Technical SEO:

Procedure that makes sure that a business website fulfils all the search engines’ technical requirements and if your website fails to do so then Google will not rank it. Technical SEO agencies also can help in this matter because they have an expert for this type of job and in my opinion, they can do this better as compared to others. 


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