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Explainer for business. Why do you need it?

One of the most common types is an explainer video. The task of the exhibitor – to explain to the viewer what the service or product is, what the principles of work and differences from competitors. There is also an explainer video production company, experts will help with the implementation of your idea. The classic timing is 90 seconds. Created in 2D graphics, although the current trend – a combination of 2D and 3D graphics in the exhibitors.

Explaining video is a tool that solves marketing problems. It is better to place such videos for business on the main page of the site to increase its conversion rate.

Explains to the viewer how the new product works, how it can be useful to the user, what problem it solves and how. Explainers are especially loved by creators of IT products. The standard length is no longer than 90 seconds. In 90% of cases the explanatory videos are made in 2D graphics.

What tasks does the explanatory video solve?

  1. Easily and clearly presents the viewer a large amount of information (unreadable in text form) and fits it into 1-2 minutes. It is easier to watch than read and absorb.
  1. talks effectively and unobtrusively about complex technology, its advantages, and motivates to buy the product. Visually explains what it is, how it works.
  1. Increases the conversion rate of the sales page. Relevant when the conversion rate is low, a large number of screens with text – such longreads no one looks.
  1. Distinguishes among competitors, as well as among competitors who use live-action videos, if it is an animated explanatory video.
  1. Simultaneously (in parallel) presents the product in several places at once. 
  1. Saves time and energy of sales managers for negotiations with customers.

When is an exhibitor useful?

  1. When you bring a unique new product to the market, which is difficult to explain in words.
  1. The unknowns of a new project on the existing market.
  1. a lot of information about a new product. A lot of details which distinguish the product from competitors.
  1. Most people now would rather see once than hear or read a hundred times. These kinds of facts are important to consider today.
  1. Highly competitive market environment. If other companies don’t have an explanatory video on their websites, this will be your competitive advantage.
  1. The target audience thinks stereotypically, does not see differences from competitors and equates the company with the majority.
  1. Managers spend too much time delivering product information to customers.
  1. Ineffective dry text presentations which do not affect the CA of the product emotionally in any way.
  1. Low conversion of the existing site.

And one more specific case, told by one of the Clients: the product is launched in the West and has a language barrier – managers have more problems while pitching the product even if they know the language.

At what point is it best to order an explorer?

– During the first reviews of a new product, when people don’t understand what it’s about.

– When trying to explain the new product to colleagues, friends and acquaintances or when interacting with potential investors and partners.

– During the direct creation of the new product.

– After the first release of the product.

– When it becomes clear that the FAQ on the site almost no one studies.

– After a failed advertising campaign – the target audience doesn’t understand what the product is.


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