The Key Reasons Why Shoppable Instagram Is Important For Shopify Stores

Instagram Shop was launched in 2019, and since then, it is constantly updating its user interface to help customers in their purchase journey on the platform. 

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform with billions of monthly active users and millions of active brands. Being aesthetically pleasing attracts users more and inspires them to scroll through the visual content created on the app for a longer duration. 

Additionally, the shoppability feature of Instagram has increased the scroll time of the audience as they are constantly looking out for inspiration to buy products that can be incorporated into their lives. 

It capitalizes on the user’s point of inspiration by providing them with a shorter, quicker, and simpler path to purchase, which further incentivizes the shoppers to shop more. 

Shoppable Instagram For Shopify Stores

Shopify Instagram Shopping or Shoppable Instagram on Shopify app integrates Instagram shop on the Shopify storefront. 

This helps in amping up the selling potential of both platforms by enhancing your potential reach. Also, it facilitates product tagging to add shoppability. Your Shopify’s Instagram feed to provide an uninterrupted shopping experience to your users. 

All these features combined make a Shoppable Instagram feed on the Shopify store a lucrative amalgamation. 

The Key Reasons Why Shoppable Instagram Is Important For Shopify Stores

Enhanced Audience Engagement With Visuals

Instagram is a hub of alluring and inspiring content. Using it to grab the attention of your website visitors can enhance their engagement with the brand. 

All that you need to do is turn these visuals into eCommerce as they can potentially influence your customers’ purchase decisions. By generating a strong appeal in their minds about your deliverables. 

Furthermore, displaying UGC on your website can make you more discoverable, gather the trust of your customers easily, and get you the centre spot. This also greatly influences user engagement. 

Augmented Brand Reach

One of the most prominent advantages of eCommerce amalgamation is the potential increase in reach. 

Customers can always surprise you, regardless of the effort you put into creating a buyer persona. But, thankfully, Instagram has an audience for every niche. 

By having YOUR Shoppable Instagram on Shopify stores. Brands can have a chance of exposing themselves to a vast demographic of the audience who is constantly looking out for an inspiration to buy. 

Out of them, more than 60% are gen Z, clearly indicative of the selling potential that the platform has. 

Streamlined Path To Purchase

Friction is the biggest problem faced by the eCommerce industry. Customers have to go through a lot of steps before finally filling in their payment details. 

The shopping experience should be hassle-free, in a way that customers should be able to look at the product, know if it fits their purchase criteria, and buy directly while still being on the page. 

By connecting Shopify with Instagram, brands can provide a frictionless experience to their customers by purchasing products in precisely three clicks. This also reduces the cart abandonment rate. 

Additional Sales

Adding shoppable Instagram feeds on the Shopify website can help brands fetch the attention of both social and professional audiences, thus working on the brand’s reach. 

Moreover, by adding the shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify store, audiences are better engaged and trust the brand after knowing the past customer experience, which further helps create more brand awareness, generate more leads, and derive conversions. 

All this has a positive impact on the performance, selling capacity, and growth of the brand. 

Enhanced Trust and Customer Loyalty

User-generated content acts as an advocate for the brand and lures the audience’s trust. As it provides social proof of the quality of the products sold by the brand through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Add tags to the content created by your user and showcase it on the Shopify website to let your website visitors feel credible. Initiate interaction and scroll through to understand you better, thus building a brand-user relationship. 

Over To You

Brands are constantly facing a setback when it comes to audience engagement. The reason for this can be attributed to the changed user behavior and needs. They are no more passive and know exactly what they seek from a brand. 

Being dynamic and responsive to the customers’ ever-changing needs is rather important to sustain in the competition. 

Sure, brands are constantly finding new ways of enhancing the marketing strategies that can help them connect with their audience better, grow reach and sales. But, not all of their efforts yield. 

Integrating Shoppable Instagram on the Shopify store to upsell can help brands achieve their targets. As it creates an impact in the minds of their visitors, enhances their experience, and hence, influence their purchase decisions.

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