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Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Damage to Your Phone

Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Damage to Your Phone

Smartphones have become the most useful gadget in everyday life but also comes in the counting of delicate devices. For example; you are drinking water and accidentally it fells on your phone and your phone get damaged.  What next, because it can be a difficult task to keep away your phone from water. Let imagine you are going for outside activity or a pool party, and your phone slipped from your hand or fell into the pool. This can completely damage your gadget without taking a single moment. The weirdest thing is that more claims files against water damage for smartphones between June – August according to Asurion data.

After the incidents, you should immediately check few steps that need to follow as soon as possible. Well, there are many DIY remedies but do you have some idea that this can put negative effects also. Nowadays, technology is at its peak that’s why smartphones models are coming with few water-resistant features. But after all of this you can face some liquid damage issues; so here is everything that you need to know about when to visit or not in the mobile repairing center after water damage.

Immediate Steps that You Need to Check Out After Water Damage

After removing your device from the water you need to check out few primary steps that can protect your phone from further damage.

  1. Check, If There’s any Moisture Sign under the Screen

Check out the moisture under the display screen should be the first thing that needs to be noticed. Remaining the phone under moisture for a long time can damage it in several ways. So the instant step, turn off your phone and clean the external water so that you can protect it from the excess moisture.

  1. Examine the Battery of Your Device

If your device has a removable battery then the next step you need to do is, take out the battery otherwise you can skip this. Because checking for inbuilt battery differs from one phone to another so you need to take help from the experts in this chronic case. The thing you need to take care of is to keep the switch off your phone until you don’t visit any service center.

  1. Remove memory & Sim card also check its Slot

It is essential to take out your memory and sim card from the phone if you want to prevent excess damage. To check out your phone’s health, remove the sim slot and point light on it; if it shows red color then your phone is suffering from liquid damage issue.

  1. Check If the Screen is Working or Not

The most important thing to check out that the phone display is working properly or not. But if your phone is switched off then don’t try to on it as it can be a reason for serious damage. So after drying the external water try to reach your nearby repairing center.

The reason, Why Fixing Liquid Damage Phone at Home Is Risky

Fixing an electronic device at home can be risky in some cases; all might happen due to a lack of knowledge or the use of an appropriate tool. Probably, the use of the wrong tool can bring a major issue to your phone or can create a serious risk. So it is recommended to take your device to the lab and service center. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid DIY tries in serious cases and get a proper phone repair service.

No 100% Guarantee of Waterproof                                                                                                                                        

Many organizations claim that their gadgets are the best and waterproof. But have you ever pay attention to the fine print that remains at the back of the smartphone. For example; in an advertisement, Samsung has shown that their galaxy series are waterproof but in actual it’s not like that. Let me be clear with you, try to read the fine print of Samsung devices they strictly warn against pool or beach use; also they don’t offer any warranty that covers liquid damage.

Why You Should Prefer a Lab?

As discussed above, sometimes fixing by yourself can destroy your device more. So after removing the excess water user should visit their nearby lab for help. They will professionally follow the steps with all safety instructions and fix your damaged device.

  • Follow each step gently and remove the internal water as much as they can.
  • In many cases, due to liquid damage, they need to replace the battery completely; here experts you’re your device and examine the battery whether any replacement is required or not.
  • They clean the entire internal part by paying extra attention and use an electronic clean solution.
  • Before starting your phone reassemble each component and make sure that they are dry.

Here is the reason that you should go to your nearby repairing center instead of doing it by yourself as they follow the all steps professionally there is no chance of destruction.

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