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Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Led Screen

The trend of outdoor LED screens has increased due to their wide array of applications. Because of technological advancements, this is becoming a requirement for event organizers. There are numerous factors to consider while hiring a led screen. The knowledge of the technical aspects is helpful while deciding on the precise outdoor Led screen. Besides the technical aspect, only a few of us know what Led screen is? So, here we are going to have a detailed discussion about the outdoor led screen.

For event organizers, this knowledge is like a life jacket before they jump into the sea of Led Screen Hire London. There are multiple aspects of outdoor events like weather conditions that can affect the screen. So, you can’t just blindly trust the vendor and hire screen whichever he suggests. It’s important to have mental clarity in yourself too. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event the good repute always depends on the result produced by the outdoor led screen.

Outdoor Led Screen:

The term LED screen typically referred to the video wall that uses Led technology. It is not the same as an LED TV or monitor. They contain a single panel while video walls contain multiple panels constructed together. This makes it flexible for custom shapes and sizes. These panels have a very high brightness for outdoor visibility. It also consists of durability to resist the impact of natural changes. Large size Led screens are available to make visibility smooth from a large distance.

Technical Aspects Of The Outdoor Led Screen:

These technical aspects play a vital role in the accurate selection of the led screen.

1. Screen Brightness:

Led has the brightest technology that makes it more visible for outdoor solutions. The unit for the measurement of led screen brightness is nits. The minimum requirement of the brightness from an outdoor screen is 5000 nits. But for the visibility under sunlight, it can reach up to 10,000 nits or more.

2. Durability Of Outdoor Led Screen:

The IP rating measures the resistance of the outdoor Led screen panel against natural changes in weather. Ingress protection rating can be seen in the form of 2 digits. The first digit depicts the protection from solid particles like dirt and dust. The second digit depicts the protection against liquids like rain. The IP rating required for the outdoor video walls is IP65. It depicts complete protection against solids and at low-pressure high protection against liquids.

3. Density Of The Pixels:

Pixels are the little dots that you can see on the screen panel. Thousands or sometimes millions of these dots combine to form a perfectly visible image. To measure the tightness of packing of the pixels we use a pixel pitch unit. This is the distance between the two pixels on the Led panel. We measure this distance in millimeters.

4. SMD And Dip Technology:

The colors of which a pixel comprise are red, blue, and green. In DIP technology these colors are in separate forms. In SMD these colors are closely packed. SMD technology offers high image quality and smooth color accuracy. DIP technology is brighter and more durable. Both technologies are very popular for use in outdoor events.

5. Size Of Led Video Wall:

They are usually 1 and 4 square meters. The size of the screen decides how many panels are required. To view from a long distance a large size screen is required. It provides the feeling that you want from the event.

6. Construction Of Led Screen:

The Led Screen Hire London helps you in developing the best construction solution. Following are some popular methods for led screen production:

·  Supported By Ground:

This is a type of screen that can place on the ground.

· Supported By Wall:

This is a screen which adjusts on the wall.

· Structure Support:

Tie screen on the wall with the support of the aluminium structure.

· Pole Support:

The screen is supported by a vertical pole.

· Supported By Truss:

The screen is mounted on aluminium truss equipment.

· Mobile Screen:

The setup of the screen is on a truck.


This article has provided in-depth information about the outdoor LED screen and its technical aspects. Find a good Led screen provider to have the best results of the screen. This screen is an ideal one for successful outdoor events.


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