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Extreme Sensitive 8000XHT Series Liquid Flow Meter

The 8000xht series in full is 8000 Extreme High Heat. Many people use this technology to measure the flow rate and temperature of liquids by using one device. The fluid at the set operating temperature determines the measurement results, and hence you can relate to the 8000 series.
The 8000 series usually gives the most cost-effective, reliable, and accurate results on measurements of liquids or any other fluids at a human condition. The Proteus industry usually provides suitable flow meters which are simple and easy to maintain at a low cost.

Characteristics of 8000xht series

1. The 8000 series have a warranty of five years from the day you install it.
2. The liquid or fluid flow ranges between 0.2 to 227 LPM or 0.05 to 60 GPM.
3. The accuracy level of the flow range is usually 3%; hence you can measure any liquid flowing smoothly in a pipeline.
4. 8000 has a relay trip point program like an electrical alarm, which helps alert the user on the fluid measurements.
5. The 8000 series measures the fluid temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Since then, it has had a liquid temperature range of 40 to 90 degrees Celsius in standard models with 150 degrees Celsius or more versions.
6. It contains two markings; 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA.
7. It is made from stainless steel, which is rugged.
8. Digital signal processing helps in bringing out stability and improved accuracy.
9. You can use the fluid working temperatures for a unique calibration.
10. It has a regular and enclosed NEMA, which is 4X or II66.

How 8000xht Series works

The working process starts with the rotation of the rotor when the fluid flows on the pipe. It will lead to the transfer of pulses by the magnets that are fixed in the rotor where they move through two concentrators flux, which changes to hall effect placed on the significant electronic board.
The volumetric flow is then calculated by a microcomputer and a calling factor, which helps obtain the rotor speed. When the flow rate calculates drop down the preset value of the alarm, there will be a change in the state shown by a bright three-colored LED.
The protection and the accuracy of the 8000 series are managed by the trip point alarm, which the user usually sets.

Advantages of 8000xht series

1.The 8000 series have a unique design for high temperatures, thus enhancing the proper cooling of natural air by removing the thermal electronics from the channel, hence resisting high heat levels.
2. The 8000 series is cheaper, reliable, and easy to use than the other flow meters, which complicates despite being costly.
3. It helps in determining the temperature and viscosity of different types of liquids.
4. 8000 has a warranty of five years from the installation time.
5. It uses digital screens to display the exact measurements and accurate readings.
6. The flow range is between 0.05 to 60 LPM.
7. The certified calibration usually helps in controlling the critical processes.


The 8000 series flow meter is an essential digital technology for fluids and liquid measurements, which is always cheap, reliable, simple to use, and easy to maintain compared to other flow meters. You should consult an expert to help you choose the best series so that you can be able to get accurate readings on the fluid flow measurements.

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