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Fail To Get Your Student Visa Subclass 500? Know The Rejection Reasons First

Pursuing further studies in a foreign land seems like fulfilling your dream. It is a new venture that you are planning to go ahead with, and the most important thing to consider is the visa application form. Besides that, you have to attain requirements, check all other aspects stated by the visa authority, etc. However, students facing rejection over Student Visa Subclass 500 application form must know the reasons before applying again. This guest post will help develop your knowledge and rectify the previous mistakes that you have committed on the last application.

About The Visa

While applying for a student visa subclass 500, you have to discover the modalities under this section. First of all, it lets you reside in the country for five years but only for academic purposes. You need to have permission from any of the Universities in the country. During this period, you can earn some money and have the freedom to visit any place. Some other advantages of this visa are:

  • Your family members can also accompany you while traveling to Australia. Additionally, your children and partner can accompany you, and for that, they must apply for a visa.

For extra income, working is allowed for every two weeks up to 40 hours. However, during the processing time, at any step, your visa can get canceled or rejected when anything goes wrong. At times, the reason can be minute while it can be considerable. With this content, you will understand the reasons behind the rejection of your application form. As a result, when you apply for the next time, the Student Visa 500 will get sanctioned. Let’s take a look at the reasons:

Possible Reasons Leading To Rejections

  • Insufficient Funds

One of the many reasons is that you are unable to fund your stay during the academic session. While applying for visa subclass 500, you must provide enough pieces of evidence claiming you can fund your stay during the entire academic year. If you do not have enough finances, your visa application form will get rejected.

When an international student visits the country on an exchange study course, he or she needs to provide genuine proof. It must contain details of the person sponsoring the program. If a loan has been taken, make sure the exact details are included on the form. It should have information like the costs, terms and conditions, and other things before proceeding with the application. If all these things are not included, it is evident that the application form will get rejected.

  • False Or Income Documents

Whenever you apply for a visa, you must check all documents minutely. It should be checked thoroughly, or else; the visa will not get approved. If required, you can speak to the migration agent Adelaide, and they can help you out.

The details needed to be listed on the site of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It includes government identity cards, birth certificates, scholarship proof, student health cover, etc. Failing to submit any of the above documents can lead to the rejection of the form. Also, do not ever think to submit false documents as all details are monitored to find out if they are valid.

  • Lack Of Communication Skills

Australia is a majority English-speaking country, so whoever is applying for a Visa Subclass 500 must have good knowledge about this language. It is essential to reside and study in the country. You have to appear for a test through which your skill will be tested, and the score obtained will determine if you will qualify. It is one of the major requirements and before applying, check the minimum score you must receive. It is mandatory to clear the test when you are coming from a non-English speaking country.

  • Inability To Provide Evidence On Why You Are Traveling

You have to provide evidence stating the reason behind visiting the country. You must attach all the necessary documents as asked by the professionals depending on the academic qualification. It will prove the intent of purpose, and the visa officers will evaluate all these things. Based on that, the officials will decide whether you have permission to step in and enter the country or not. Some other things are when you lack academic results, inability to qualify IELTS, failure to provide necessary information on the purpose of coming to the country leads to rejection.

  • Lack of Overseas Student Health Cover

Before stepping into the country, you have to provide evidence regarding whether you are physically fit by undertaking a few medical tests. Show the Australian Government that you do not suffer from tuberculosis or any other respiratory issues. Having an OSHC is a necessity as it gives health insurance while you are staying in the country. It promises to cover all the health expenses that you encounter while in the country. If you lack OSHC, it may lead to visa rejection.

Add the policy number on the visa application form and if you are getting insurance from the education provider, mention it. Students below 18 years, whoever are applying, must make necessary arrangements for welfare. If it is not done, your visa application form will get disapproved.

  • Family Members Allowance

With a visa Subclass 500, you have permission to bring your family members to Australia. For that, you must have sufficient funds and show the details of the same to the authorities. If you fail to provide the information, it can be another reason for the rejection of the visa.

  • The Stay Duration

Many aspirants are not aware of the fact that the stay duration can also be one of the reasons for rejection. The time of your stay is imperative to consider. Generally, with this visa, one can stay up to five years. After that, you must leave the country as the course is over. If the course is for a short duration, you can reside for a short span. It depends on the program you choose and make sure to include the details on the application form. If you need any help, the immigration agent Adelaide, can assist you. With that, the chances of visa rejection will be reduced.

  • A Damaged Or Invalid Passport

People submitting a passport that is torn, damaged, or in a bad state should be ready to face rejections. It’s because the probability is high that the visa will not be sanctioned. A passport is a significant thing, and you need to be careful of that before applying. Additionally, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months, and a minimum of two pages need to be blank.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above ones, there could be some more reasons why the visa application has been rejected. Don’t be sad as you can apply again and take help from a migration agent Adelaide. They can provide you with the complete details of the process, following which there won’t be any mishaps. In this way, you can get a visa subclass 500 sanctioned without facing any rejection.

Slowly apply and proceed, so there are no chances of any mistakes. In addition, make sure to cross-check all details before submitting.

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