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Mistakes Tourists Usually Make In Denver

Is Denver nice? Of course, this is a nice city with attractively blue skies and the best mountain views. No doubt, the mountainous area is the most attractive for tourists. In fact, this is the main reason why people take their families, friends, rent a car, and go to explore Denver. The natural beauties are really inspiring for tourists and transit travelers. Nevertheless, traveling to Colorado from abroad or another state there are things you should know from locals. Otherwise, you’ll make typical mistakes that tourists usually do.

Planning trip to Denver

How to plan a trip to Colorado? Actually, planning a trip is always challenging. First of all, you should learn as much information about a new place as possible. Go to tourist forums, use online chats, travel guides to learn information about the best hotels in Denver, travel documents you will definitely need, things to do and not to do, the most favorable weather. Yes, it is important to learn about the weather conditions. Denver is a mountainous city and you should pick the best season of the year for the activities you hope to engage in.

Of course, Colorado has beautiful scenery and the most wonderful views. You have to rent a car to travel around the state and enjoy its beauty. Remember, Denver car rental under 25 is able to pick the best car for your journey. You will never have problems visiting national parks, capital cities, mountains. In addition to this, you should learn a couple of things about Denver for not making typical tourist mistakes and look like an empty-headed tourist.

Typical mistakes that make you look like a tourist in Denver

1. Tourists drink a non-craft beer

There are many things that locals are proud of. For example, Denver is famous for its numerous breweries. Actually, it takes honorable third place in Colorado. Locals are really proud of their craft beer and have a huge variety of breweries to choose from. Take your chance to taste the best craft beer during your next visit and forget about the tasteless Budweiser from the supermarket.

2. Tourists don’t usually take the altitude seriously

Denver is situated at a high altitude. The visitors are recommended to use sunblocks and drink a lot of water. As a rule, tourists ignore the warnings of locals and often get headaches and sunburns during their excursions. Remember, even if you are traveling in a rental car, you’d better have a block of drinking water in the boot and something to prevent headaches in your medical kit.

3. Tourists think that Denver is in the mountains

Denver is mostly associated with mountainous views. But it’s not actually located in the mountains. You need to rent a car and drive about 20 minutes out of the city to get to the foothills. Many tourists come to Denver at any season hoping to ski. Don’t irritate locals with your silly questions, looking for a good place to ski just in the city center.

4. Tourists make crowds in Downtown bars for happy hours

As a rule, young people gather together in bars for a drink. Tourists think that the best bars with a wide choice of drinks are located in Downtown and Lower Downtown. The streets here are overcrowded every night. But locals know that the best bars are found all over town. And there is no need to make crowds.

5. Tourists think that Denver is a city where they should spend time outdoors

Actually, you are right. Denver is a city of the most beautiful nature. You should rent a car and go to visit national parks, try yourself hiking, climbing mountains, biking. Tourists often come to Colorado for winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ice climbing. But don’t think that Denver is a city where you should do sports and always stay active. Just ask locals. They will help you to find the best museums, music classes, galleries, and amazing live performances.

6. Tourists know nothing about packing to Denver and fail it

Colorado’s weather is quite changeable. It can be warm in Downtown and rather cool in the upper mountains. Every new week brings new weather. So, if you go to Denver in summer doesn’t mean that a T-shirt and shorts are enough. Locals know that wearing layers is the best strategy.

Never stay at home in Denver. This is a unique territory with the best nature views. Rent a car to explore more interesting places. And never afraid to ask locals about hotels, atmospheric cafes, places to visit, and the cheapest parking to leave your rental car. They will give ideas about souvenirs and the best markets to buy healthy food. Just ask.

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