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Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet- A Great Way to Add Storage with Style

Storage cabinets are essential in a bathroom. They are duly practical for having organized items in spacious storage space. Washrooms are simply incomplete without a freestanding bathroom cabinet because it makes plenty of things accessible. Different cabinets save various things separately and save the person from the hustle of finding every item from here and there. Following this article will let you know many more features of these cabinets and how it adds value to a home.

What Is Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet?

A bathroom cabinet is a type of storage furniture to keep restroom essentials. It stands on the floor and does not require any support from the wall. Most of these have four paws on which it stands. As it is an independent fixture, you can keep it anywhere you want. Another type of floor standing storage can be fix style that you can fix along the wall. It is usually a part of the bathroom suite that has a worktop sink on it.

In some cases, you may also find a toilet attached to it, offering incredible space-saving benefits. Available in various designs and shapes, you can install them in both contemporary and classic design washrooms. However, many people prefer this style to create a vintage, traditional, timeless, or classic look. 

Why You Need a Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet

The concept of such furniture that stands independently as a unit on the floor is not new. The other styles, like wall-hung storage, are relatively innovative. There is no doubt that the latter looks contemporary and stylish; the freestanding bathroom cabinet style has its own distinctive advantages. For example, you can not always install a hung wall style if you have a weak wall. Second, the installation of such units adds extra costs other than the higher unit price. Although sometimes luxurious style floor standing units may cost a lot these have a reasonable price tag with plenty of storage space. 

It Gives Plenty of Storage Space

Installing floor standing cabinets is a prodigious way to add some modish storage space to the washroom. From storing fabric items to toiletries and eventing things like toothbrushes and razors, various cabinets in the storage cabinets allow storage space for everything. In addition, while storing every item separately, the chances of damage to one item from another are minimal. For example, Fabrics don’t get stains of liquid items if they are kept in separate drawers.

Mobility To Be Placed Anywhere!

The freestanding units, as per their name, are free to move anywhere. They stand on four legs that are not joined to any floor wall, which allows mobility. The user can move these cabinets from one place to another, considering the acceptability of washroom space. Unlike wall-hung cabinets, floor standing cabinets have this added feature that adds to their practicality.

It Comes in Different Sizes.

Bathrooms are of different dimensions, and so are the freestanding bathroom cabinet. For small spaces, narrow and tall cabinets are made that have a drawer in column pattern. Such cabinets save a lot of usable space in the washroom and keep it less dense. However, there are wider cabinets available for considerably spacious areas, having two or three columns of drawers. In addition, the drawer size also varies for different-sized items like tubes of toothpaste and towels.

Available In Different Color Shades

Customers are choosier shades and their contrast to the overall theme and colour. While considering this, the freestanding cabinets have various colour options to choose from. Lighter shades are optimum for the darker themes and vice versa. Black cabinets are trendy these days because of their versatility. Overall, the various colour options increase consumers’ choice and make these freestyle cabinets both practical and glamorous.

Affordability Of Freestanding

With all those features, these cabinets are much more affordable too. The standard size and design starts are very low rates and increases with sleek and fancy designs. Overall, it’s a prominent feature of the bathroom that has various pros with an affordable price tag. 

Looking for a Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet?


After reading this article, you now have all the information about the Freestanding bathroom cabinet. Regardless of the type of look you want; this type of this storage furniture can be a great addition to your bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we strive to provide our customers the top-quality fittings and fixtures at lower prices than the market. Our customers don’t just buy from us but come back for more. You can visit our website to get information about the latest deals and offerings. Delta Coronavirus is spreading fast in the UK. The COVID-19 vaccination can provide us protection against it. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure you get yourself vaccinated as early as possible. 


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