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Go Green – Building a Healthy Home in Dallas

Since the past few years, we have been seeing more and more people incorporating innovative and eco-friendly ways into their Home.

Adopting a ‘green’ and eco-friendly lifestyle does not only help you save the environment, but also helps you save quite a lot of money. Moreover, your house value will increase, monthly costs will reduce, and will be more durable. 

However, building a healthy and eco-friendly home by affordable custom home builders Dallas begins by thinking strategically, and using the right materials and technologies in order to build the right design.

We have created this post to help you understand how you can build a healthy home in Dallas. These tips are tried and tested, meaning you can use them right away. 

Utilize Sustainably Sourced Wood

The materials you use for constructing your healthy home should be your topmost priority.

If we talk about sourced wood, these are ideal as they are a renewable source, with the least carbon emissions. 

The ideal choices to go for are wood and timber, which are highly versatile in nature, and are able to bear a considerable amount of load. Moreover, they are also an excellent source of insulation due to moisture. Having a wooden home will definitely make your home a healthy home!

Moreover, if you go for other materials that are commonly used in construction that are easily available, such as bricks and concrete, it will be more harmful to the environment because of the abundant carbon footprint.


Insulating your home should be one of your primary concerns when building yourself a healthy home. Properly insulating your home will result in less energy consumption in all weathers. Investing in a proper insulation system will keep your home cool in the summer months, and warmer in the winter. Therefore, you will save a considerable amount when it comes to energy costs as there won’t be a need to utilize heating and cooling units in your home.

Using Renewable Sources of Energy

As far as energy consumption is concerned, opt for renewable sources of energy to power up your home. Not only will you save up on electricity bills, but will be far cheaper in the long run. For building a healthy home, you can go for several renewable sources of energy to choose from, such as going for installing photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal panels, and wind power.

Moreover, you can also consider installing heat pumps in order to heat and cool your home. By installing heat pumps, they will use up the energy which is present in the air in order to increase or decrease the temperature of your home. What sets those pumps apart is that they are able to move thrice as more energy than the electricity it uses to function. Moreover, these heat pumps are more convenient and will save up a lot on electricity bills.

Heating and Cooling

By installing a programmable thermostat, you can easily set any time of the day you want your house to be cooled or heated. Not only will you save money, but also energy. 

Opting for geothermal energy would be a great way of building a healthy home- you get energy from the steam or hot water reservoirs that are underground. Thus, these are highly effective at reducing dangerous carbon footprints.

Gardens on Rooftops

Who thought having gardens and lawns on rooftops would be energy efficient? Apart from the aesthetic advantages, rooftop gardens and lawns are a common way of making your house eco-friendly and healthy. This is because having a garden on your rooftop will help decrease the influx of heat. Moreover, they are an ideal way of adding oxygen-producing plants and helping with stormwater management. 

Did we mention rooftop gardens are also ideal for insulating your homes against the heat of the sun in warmer seasons?

Rainwater Harvesting Tank

By installing a rainwater harvesting tank, you’ll be able to conserve water and also never run short of it. Although you won’t be able to utilize rainwater for drinking purposes, you will definitely be able to use this water for laundry, watering the plants, washing your car, driveway, and much more.

Moreover, you will also benefit from the reduced risk of flooding and soil erosion, as the rainwater will be collected around your home. 

Bring the outside In

The primary idea of living in an eco-friendly home is to decorate it with organic materials. Why not decorate your healthy home with oxygen-producing indoor plants? Not only will you give life to your space by adding greens, but will also significantly improve the air quality.

Moreover, having indoor plants in your places greatly helps to boost your mood, productivity, concentration, as well as creativity. Indoor plants also keep the air clean by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and promoting oxygen production.

Sustainable or Recycled Furniture

Manufacturing and designing furniture is quite harmful to the environment. Therefore, going for sustainable furniture that is produced with the least environmental impact and the smallest amount of carbon footprints will be ideal for your healthy home. Moreover, such furniture is not involved in producing toxic pollution during production.

Disposing of sustainable or recycled furniture is easy and does not produce harmful toxins that are produced when disposing of those mainstream furniture that you usually come across in the market.

Use Eco-friendly Home Products

When you’ve finally built your dream healthy home, it is imperative to use eco-friendly products that are not harmful to the environment.

For instance, you can opt for using eco-friendly paints for painting the walls of your house, rather than using those mainstream ones everyone uses. 

These eco-paints do not contain volatile compounds that release toxins into the air and have none to minimum VOCs. Moreover, you can also go for recycled tissues, shopping bags, cardboard, and much more. These will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Going green is easier than you think. It’s about making a few changes here and there. Have you ever tried to turn your home into a healthy house? Share your feedback as we’d love to hear back.

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