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If you want to extend your house but want to know whether a ground floor extension is the best way to go, check out this blog from our Melbourne-based company. We can advise on whether an extension is the right move for your home, and if so, what it will look like and cost. The internet has brought about a shift between the way we buy products and services. The Supa Group, one of the leading Australia’s ground floor extension specialists, is proud to announce the latest renovation project.  

The renovation is nothing but a ground floor extension in a building. 

Unknown to many, Ground Floor Extensions In Melbourne are something that can be applied for under the rules governing building consents in Melbourne, Victoria. Here is a blog on Melbourne ground floor extensions and how they can help add the extra space you need. 

You would prefer a space in addition to your main living space, allowing the possibility of working from your home occasionally. If you are not able to budget, time, or the authority to expand upwards and create an additional floor over the first floor of your house You can expand outwards through a ground floor extension with Extensions Unlimited. 

Developers and property owners are always looking for new incentives. 

One such incentive is the ground floor extension. A ground floor extension can add a lot of value to the home, but first you need to know if it is worth doing. This blog will look at distinct reasons why you might want to consider an extension on your ground floor. 

We are living in a time where every person on this planet is getting conscious regarding their health. They are taking out time to keep themselves fit, healthy and strong. Most of the people are going to the gyms and working out hard to make their body physically stronger.  But it is seen that the people who hardly take out time to exercise their mind. They rarely take out time to feed their brain with information and knowledge. The human mind is an enormously powerful machine. It can store, remember, and recall information or data.  

Have you ever wanted to add a new floor, a boat shed, a deck or a granny flat to your home?  

If you are planning a physical extension, you will find simplified development rules for smaller developments in your home in the State Planning Policy Framework. Here you will find home extensions in Melbourne and the different rules you need to follow depending on your plans. 

Your own custom home and ground Floor Extension Builders located in Inner South East Melbourne 

Choose Mass Constructions your number one option for your ground floor extension construction company in Melbourne. We specialize with the designing and building of extensions for homes as well as renovations to your home. You will get the benefits of a building contractor with an impressive reputation and total experience of over 50 years in the business. 

If you are planning to build an additional floor or an extension of a second Storey to your house in Melbourne, we would love to be your top option for building contractor. Mass Constructions are a family owned and operated renovation and extension builder located in the inner South East Melbourne. 

The cost of any extension 

Design and build firm like Extensions Unlimited is a great option for your initial floor extension since we will inform you upfront what is and cannot be constructed – that means any unexpected costs in construction. 

What could impact the price of an extension to your property is things like access to your property as well as whether trees are present (either within your home or near neighbors) as well as the state of the soil as well as the terrain’s slope that can impact your ability to dig. 

High-Quality Renovated Ground Floors, Extensions of the Ground Floor 

Mass Constructions is a high-quality Melbourne builder that specializes in renovations to homes, as well as ground floor extensions throughout the eastern part of Melbourne. Mass Constructions has earned a solid reputation for our high-quality construction work and dependable service. We more than 50 years of combined working experience in the field of the fine construction of homes. 

Family dynamics change and the lifestyles of families change. When you realize that your home is tiny too small or too crowded, instead and relocating, have you even given thought to having an extension constructed? The addition of a basement extension is a fantastic method to get an extra living space you have always wanted (or imagine) without the unnecessary burden of purchasing a new property and selling the house you have and packing it up for moving. 

We are here to assist and guide our clients from the creation of their plans.  

You might have to make a compromise and purchase the home that will meet your desire for more space. Adding an extension of the ground floor to your current home will give you the house you have always wanted in the place you have always wanted. We will treat your project to extend your floor with the same attention and care the way we would treat it as if it were our own. 

We are dedicated to building our reputation on the highest quality workmanship, our use of only the best materials, and our traditional principles of integrity and honesty. These values for us will never out of fashion. Mass Constructions Mass Constructions, we take the burden of building and provide you with the full option to fulfill your requirements and surpass your expectations. 


Whether you are looking for a new home, or you want to expand your existing one, a Ground Floor Extensions in Melbourne is a great option. They are also a fantastic choice for people who have a disability or for those who want to age in place. In fact, adding on a new ground floor extension is one of the best ways to add value to your home. If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of a ground floor extension, or if you would like to find out more about building extensions in Melbourne, please feel free to contact us.  

If you are looking for the Ground Floor Extensions in Melbourne, then look no further than Supa Group. They are the experts in ground floor extensions and will ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your new ground floor extension.

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