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Here’s what it takes to become a NASA’s astronaut

ASA recruits new astronauts and trains them based on their particular needs. Their requirements are quite strict for recruiting new astronauts, though. The role not only needs you to be physically fit but also have hands-on particular technical skills to take on complicated jobs in a spacecraft or International Space Station (ISS). So, let’s discuss what it takes to become a NASA’s astronaut.

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Let’s start with the basics; what is ASCAN?

ASCAN stands for “astronaut candidate.” It is a title given to those individuals selected for NASA astronaut training and those who are one day destined to go to space after acquiring the required skills. The selection for these candidates is made through the competitive and rigorous search process. It takes several years to get selected for the training, but hard-earned achievement is actually just a first step of the long, competitive and tough process. 

What is an ASCAN?

Watching movies like Gravity, Predestination, and other space movies might give you an idea about how astronauts are made. But astronaut portrayals in movies are actually an overly dramatic version of the individuals who can go to space. Instead, NASA wants its astronauts cool-headed and calmly composed, making important decisions and performing difficult tasks under extremely tense situations.  

According to assignment help, around 339 people (both men and women) have been selected as ASCANs for NASA’s 20 astronaut training classes in 2019. 60% of them have served for military service (such as Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps etc.), while the rest of them are civilian candidates having experience of teaching, engineering, doctors and scientists. 

What are the qualifications needed to become a NASA astronaut?

As per NASA, fresh candidates are selected and trained according to the agency’s requirements at the time. Therefore, civilians and military officers both are eligible to apply for this candidacy.  

Qualifications for ASCANs are divided into two general categories:

  1. Applicants must match the basic educational and experience requirements.
  2. Applicants must fit the basic physical and health requirements for long-during space flights.

The basic education and experience requirements are:

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree for a recognized instruction in biological sciences, engineering, and mathematics or physical science.
  • Candidates must possess at least three years of relevant experience or spend 1,000 hours in an aircraft commanded by a pilot. They can substitute this requirement with an advanced degree. For example, a teaching experience at the K-12. 
  • Applicants must meet particular health standards such as height, blood pressure, and eyesight.

What are the procedures of NASA Astronaut training?

 ASCANs have to study for two years for qualifying as rookie NASA astronauts. Aspirants have to know all the details about space, spacecraft, and everything required in a spacecraft. 

  • ASCANs are taught about: rocket operations and functions, weather patterns, medical procedures and electronic repairs.


  • Survival training: Survival is an essential part of becoming an astronaut. Ass the aspirants need to be well-acquainted with all the survival skills and learn how to use the safety equipment in the event of a splashdown. 


  • They are trained to survive in deserts and the Arctic: Survival training isn’t just about splashdown landings, but also about surviving as a team, developing a mutual bond, and respect each other even under stressful situations. 


  • They are trained to develop certain expertise in the human body and how it functions: Astronauts should be able to handle medical emergencies on the ISS or during flight. And for that purpose, candidates have to develop skills for handling various health emergencies, such as eye injuries and burns. 

Hope you find this blog useful for your quest of becoming an astronaut. Here’s what it takes to become a NASA astronaut. Suppose there’s something else that you’d like to share with us related to this topic, drop it down in the comment section below. 


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