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How Do You Fix Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now?

Fix Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now

Facebook is one of the largest and most widely used online platforms to connect with each other. People use this platform to share media, text messages with their friends, family, colleagues, and other people. But users many times face issues like Facebook this content isn’t available right now. This is a very common issue faced by people nowadays. Usually, this error occurs when the users try to open any video or some photos, which really irritates the users. In this article, we will look forward to solving this issue for our users. 

There might be several reasons for this issue like if the content is flagged if the post has been shared with the specific people by the person who posted it, you can also not watch the content if it was deleted, some contents might be blocked in several countries hence the users might not be able to see the content because of country restrictions, the next reason might be that you are trying to view the content of a private page or a private group if this is the case then you can’t use Facebook right now, lastly, the reason could be that your age or geographic restrictions might restrict you from watching the content. 

Ways Fix “Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now”

Now, we will look into the solutions and the ways to fix these problems. The first, thing you should try is to first log out of your account. Next log in again using your password and username. The next thing you can try is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to cross the barriers of geographical and age restrictions. VPN will allow you to get a fake account with fake age and fake locations. It will allow you to get block content on Facebook. For this, you have to install the Turbo VPN from the Play store app. After you download it, you have to hit the content button which was unavailable earlier but is available now. Now, if you are block from some page or group then it is of course that you cannot see the content of that group or page.

The next way can be to edit your privacy settings. You do can it by first visiting the browser where you have to log in to your Facebook account and then look for the settings option and click it. In the settings option, you will see a privacy option where you will find an option named edit; Now you have to select that button. You have to allow the “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile” option on your screen. Once, you do this you won’t be seeing the error Sorry, this content isn’t available right now. You have to also check whether the content you are trying to watch is deleted or not; along with this you have to also check the Facebook is working properly or not or it id sown because of bug or server issues. 

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