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How Often Should You Wash Your Sports Clothes?

How often should you wash your sports clothes? Are you more of those who throw their sports clothes in the dirty laundry basket after every workout? Or rather those who put their outfit back in their gym bag? While there isn’t a set rule for how often we should machine our sweaty clothes, there are some guidelines.

“How often you need to wash your sports clothes depends on each individual,” says David of sports brand Bondi. “You have to take into account your perspiration, your level of physical activity, and whether or not you want to wear previously used sports clothes.”

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Plus, your washing routine also depends on where you live. If you live in a dry area, you can simply leave your sports clothes to dry outside. If you live in a place with particularly high humidity, it is best to wash your clothes after every workout.

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Molds and bacteria
“By the way, it’s not your sweat that produces an odor, but the bacteria,” says Kelly smiths, professor of environmental science at the University. “We all have bacteria on our bodies and most of the time that’s not a problem at all. But sports clothes that haven’t been washed can upset the balance of these bacteria on your body, with rashes being one of the possible consequences. ”

Wash Your Sports Clothes

To kill as much bacteria as possible, wash your workout clothes in hot water. Avoid using fabric softener, as a small layer of oil remains on the fibers of your clothes. Bacteria can then attach themselves to these oils, with all the consequences that this entails. Instead of fabric softener, add a little vinegar to your laundry. Vinegar still has antibacterial properties and ensures that the oils that attract bacteria break down.

Don’t want to wash your clothes right away? Hang them up to dry in the sun. “UV light kills bacteria,” says ALi. “If you hang out your sports clothes to dry them outside, you will have fewer bacteria.”

The only exception to this rule? Sports bras or tops with a built-in bra. The skin under the breasts is one of the places on your body where fungal infections most easily occur. “So be sure to wash your clothes around that area to avoid problems,” Reynolds warns. “The same goes for short shorts or sports leggings, especially when you are exercising without underwear. Here too, fungal infections or irritation can develop quickly if you do not wash these clothes enough. ”

Socks and shoes
The fact that you have to wash your sports socks after every workout is a no-brainer. But your sports shoes? “If your shoes have a removable sole, it’s best to wash it weekly,” says Reynolds. “Spraying the interior and exterior with a disinfectant spray every week isn’t a bad thing either. Of course, you can also sprinkle baking soda in your shoes and let them dry in the sun. Remember to remove the remaining baking soda before your next workout. ”


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