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How to attach a bong with a CBD vape.

Statistics show that a majority of people who vape do it to help them quit smoking. Many reports on experiments done about the potential CBD effects show that CBD can help an individual quit smoking by:

  • Battling tobacco withdrawal symptoms by helping regulate pain, blood pressure, sleep/wake cycle, mood, and satiety.
  • Easing tobacco cravings.
  • Helping you relax.
  • Reducing cigarette consumption.

Vaping has proved to be healthier than smoking. Unlike vaping, through smoking, individuals inhale toxins released due to the combustion of concentrates. Besides, many people have shifted to vaping as it does not leave them with any odor or smell.

Since people are shifting from smoking via a bong to vaping CBD, the thought of throwing away or discarding your expensive bong could prevent you from stopping using it. Fortunately, did you know that you can make good use of your bong in your CBD vaping experience? 

A guide on how to attach a bong with a CBD vaporizer.

Attaching your CBD vaporizer depends entirely on the mouthpiece of your CBD vape. A majority of CBD vapes today have their mouthpieces designed in a way that they can slide right into your bong. This feature allows you to create your vape bong by simply adding a vaporizer. The combination enables you to spice up your CBD vaping experience a bit more.

To attach your bong with a CBD vape, you remove the chamber on the bong where you usually place your concentrate first. This act leaves a channel onto which you connect the mouthpiece of your CBD vape.

If your CBD vape cannot slide perfectly into your bong, some brands have identified the gap in the market. As a result, these brands have come up with a vaporizer bong attachment adapter, which you can order online. This vaporizer bong attachment adapter enables you to make a good connection between your CBD vaporizer and your bong.

Why attach a bong to CBD vape?

Attaching a bong to a CBD vape is instrumental in making your vaping experience more enjoyable.  CBD vapes are designed to operate at low temperatures, and as a result, they deliver smooth vapor. However, the lungs may not handle every little bit of heat from the CBD vapes, concentrate vapes, or even dry herb vapes. Besides, the vapor you inhale from these vapes may not be so clean. 

Attaching a bong with a CBD vape allows the percolators and water in the bong to do their work as the vape pen vaporizes your CBD concentrate. The water and the percolator adequately filter/ cleans and cools down the vapor before inhaling it.

Tips when using a CBD vape attached with a bong.

  1. Ensure the battery of your CBD vape is fully charged or has enough charge. The battery is the heart of the CBD vape. Without this accessory, a CBD vape will not function. Having your CBD vape battery with enough charge ensures that no disruptions will occur to your more spiced-up vaping experience due to a dead battery. Fortunately, most CBD vapes have battery level indicators that alert you when your battery needs a recharge.
  2. Replace the water in your bong, but how often? Smoking out of a dirty bong or water pipe could cause a lung infection. However, as a bong user, you could be unsure how often the water should get replaced or how long it takes for it to get dirty. 
  3. This answer to these questions lies in how often and how heavy you vape. Heavy cannabis consumers usually replace the water in the bong after every day. However, it is recommended that you change the water in the bond between two to three days.
  4. CBD has proved to react with certain medications. Therefore, you should consult a medical expert before vaping any CBD whenever you are under any medication.

Why do people use CBD vapes?

In terms of bioavailability, CBD vapes are on par with smoking. They enable one to experience CBD’s benefits a couple of seconds after taking the first hit. Some of the well-known benefits of using CBD vapes include:

  • Relief from any forms of pain, including migraines/ headaches, arthritis, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, and depression and alleviation of PTSD symptoms.
  • Improvement in the overall quality of sleep and treatment of insomnia.


Attaching a bong with a CBD vape is extremely easy. This practice enables you to get clean and cool vapor that will not be harsh to your throat/ lungs. Also, it makes it possible for your lungs to handle every little bit of heat from your CBD vape.



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