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What Are The Hair Tips For The Monsoon Season

We all love the monsoon season, don’t we? But the season comes with a high damage risk for hairs. The rainy season can bring up many scalp and hair issues that are tough to deal with. How you can manage it with hair claw clips with thick hair.

The monsoon is a refreshment from the scorching heat, but not the same applies to our hair. The body and skin also need some extra care in this season, but the hair may get overlooked and thus suffer many issues. You need to pay special attention to the hair during monsoon season if you want to keep them preserved. 

Here, you will get to know about the tips for hair care in the rainy season so that your locks will remain healthy. 


Why Monsoon Causes Hair Loss?


In the rainy season, the air is loaded with high moisture quantity. This moisture gets to confines the dirt and filth on your scalp and also on the hair shafts. How it affects the hair follicles is by making them weak and also coat the hair strands. This is the major reason for hair fall during the rainy season.


Since monsoon is responsible for hair damage, it makes your hair weak and you need to take extra care of the hair. Check out to know-how!

Keeping Your Hair Dry


One of the important tips for hair in the monsoon season is to keep the scalp dry during this weather. Rainwater contains dust and acid, which puts a bad impact on your hair. So, using a soft microfiber towel is suggested to let the water be absorbed quickly. This will lessen the friction between the hair and towel and thus hair fall gets reduced. 


Protection From Rainwater


The rainwater contains acid and dirt which cause harm to the hair. You can take precautionary steps to disallow the reach of rain into the hairs. You can wear a waterproof hoodie or a scarf to preserve your hair from the negative effects of rainwater. If it is not completely possible, you need to wash your hair immediately to reduce the effect. 


Go For A Proper Hair Wash Routine 


You should wash your hair 2-3 times a week so that the depositions can be removed from the hair as well as scalp. You should use a shampoo that is antibacterial or antifungal which does the work of preventing the germ build-up in the roots. Use a scalp massage brush for the proper cleansing of any kind of deposition.

The next tip is to use a leave-in conditioner for protecting the hair from dullness and frizz. Taking a hot oil massage before washing can also help to maintain the hair. This can work to improve the blood circulation into the scalp and promotes stronger growth of hair. 


Having A Healthy Diet


Not only the outer things, but the inner strength also makes the hair stronger in the rainy season. You need to take special care of your diet to keep your hair healthy. What you are consuming determines the quality of your hair. Try to include protein-rich food items like eggs, walnuts, dairy items, whole grains along vegetables and fruits to get shiny hair. Also have some berries, nuts, or other stuff into your diet which are considered best for the growth of hairs.


Using The Right Comb Is Suggested 


Avoid combing the hair when it is wet as they are weak during that time. Also, pick a perfect comb, one with a wide tooth to detangle the hair. The comb should have spaced teeth so that the hair doesn’t get broken down when you comb the hair. Avoid sharing of combs or you may have to face fungal infections in the future.


A wide-tooth comb serves the purpose well for wet hair. Also, don’t be too harsh on wet hair as it can lead to more breakage. Do the combing gently with a wide-tooth comb for detangling your hair. This will reduce the hair fall in the rainy season to some extent. 


Go For An Easy Hairstyle


Since the rainy season makes the hair on the radar, it would be suggested to go for minimal hairstyling in this weather. Avoid heavy hair-dos in monsoon and choose a simple one instead. Try to limit the use of heat or other styling products as they can make the hair weak and gives exposure to breakage. Try simple things like a tight bun, a high ponytail or a short braid depending on the hair length. Using hair claw clips for thick hair is a good option to go with.


Short Hair Is Easy To Take Care


Since the season cause hair fall, keeping short hair can solve the problem a bit. Short hair reduces hair fall problems as you will not be exerting the roots by pulling them down as you do with long hair. They are easy to maintain too! 

This is a very useful tip and is adopted by many. Maintaining long hair may annoy you and you have to deal with many hair troubles. 

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you to take good care of your hair, even in the rainy season. Make your hair shine, safe and healthy with useful tips and tricks.

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