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With the advancement of technology, the usage and sale of electronic gadgets have been increasing faster. We all are becoming dependent on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and many more electronic gadgets to make our work easier and pleasant. These gadgets have become a crucial part of our life. But, keeping a phone, tablet, or another device with a low battery seems so irritating. There is nothing worse than low-battery anxiety. Isn’t it??

Mobile and charger

You can’t let your phones run out of battery or die in this demanding world. For better connectivity, your devices should be charged all the time. 

But it is also true that we can’t depend on electricity all the time for charging our devices. You might be facing a lot of unavoidable problems like electricity cut-off, unavailability of charging ports, etc. So to keep your phone or tablet charged even in adverse situations, you should keep a budget-friendly Power Bank handy.

What Is a Power Bank?

It is a portable charger that is used to charge battery-powered devices like mobiles, tablets, speakers, headphones etc. it consists of an inbuilt battery and supplies power to your devices through USB ports. With this extra battery, you can use social media, listen to music, send emails, watch movies and many more things without worrying about the battery. They can be charged up using a USB charger when power is available and then used for charging other devices anywhere, anytime.

The size of a power bank depends upon its capacity. It can be small enough to keep in the pocket or can be larger with higher capacity. 

Important Features 


Since there are many brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Mi, Intex etc. in the market that provide power banks of different qualities at different ranges, It becomes necessary to be aware of all the important features of power banks. 

So, we are listing some important features which should be considered to buy the best and budget-friendly power bank. Consider the following features before buying these portable chargers:-


  • Capacity

It is one of the basic and yet most important features to look for in a power bank. It is measured in mAh. First, you should check the capacity of your smartphone and then choose the portable charger accordingly. You should purchase a power bank of a larger capacity than that of your device. Then only you will be provided with more charging cycles.

For eg., Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 2600 mAh battery. So you should opt for a power bank with 3000 mAh or larger capacity so that you would be able to charge your device fully at least once.

Overall, purchasing a portable charger with a capacity of 6000 mAh to 15,000 mAh would be a wise decision. These power banks will last for a relatively long time and provide you with at least 3 cycles of charging.


  • Number of Ports

Powerbank ports
Nowadays, there are many devices that work on a chargeable battery. If you are among those people who have multiple devices then you should check for the number of ports while buying a power bank. 

This gadget proves to be very beneficial if you are travelling a lot. Sometimes you need to charge your phone and your Bluetooth headphones as well. In such cases, you need to check the number of devices you have then choose a power bank accordingly.


  • Input and Output Current Rating

Input current rating refers to the maximum amount of current drawn by a power bank while charging it. It is measured in Ampere.

Output current rating shows how efficiently your power bank can charge other devices. So you should look closely at these features while purchasing it. If your device can draw up to 1.5A then your power bank should have more than a 1.5A output port.

  • Power Indicator

As the name suggests itself that power indicator indicates the amount of charge it has and whether it is fully charged or not. The light of the power bank blinks to indicate the amount of charge so that we can charge it whenever needed.

This is an important feature because if we overcharge this device then its battery may go bad soon.

  • Brand

Powerbanks brand

Brands also play an important role to decide which power bank would be reliable for you. If you purchase it from a company that has low development experience then it might be possible that you would buy a gadget with shortcomings. With a trustworthy brand, you would be provided with a warranty period and good services. So it is really very important to look for a branded power bank.


So in order to buy the right power bank for you, you should keep all the above-mentioned features in your mind. The very first thing to analyse is your requirements -How many devices do you need to charge? What will be the frequency of usage? Your budget?

After analyzing these things choose a trustworthy brand and then choose a portable charger. You will surely end up purchasing the best, budget-friendly power bank.


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