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How to choose an affordable smartphone in 2021


In this fast-moving world, smartphones play a very significant roles in our everyday lives. With there exceptional speed, they have made our lives easier in many ways as we are living a smartphone life. Be it education, work, knowledge or interaction, exposure and entertainment, today’s smartphones have it all. Unparalleled accessibility has made everything just a click away.

5G smartphones enable a new kind of network designed to connect almost everyone and everything, including machines, objects and devices. The demand for faster, more reliable mobile data connections has increased exponentially over the last few years.

What are Smartphones

Smartphone is a portable device which is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. A smartphone, typically is an electronic device that contains the combined features of mobile telephone and computer.

History of Smartphones

The first ever smartphone, known as the Simon Personal Communication (SPC) was invented in 1992 by IBM and was launched in the market for sale in the year 1994.

Why do we need Smartphones?

We need smartphones in our day to day lives fir uncountable tasks. Without smartphones we can’t imagine our lives, especially in these days where we are in the middle of a Pandemic. Everything is being carried out online, be it work or studies. From helping us wake up in morning, to help us do all the work throughout our day.


Basic features one must look for in smartphones.

The first and foremost thing that we consider before buying a smartphone is our budget, what amount of money are we willing to spend in buying one. And after that we must consider all these functions stated below, according to your needs. Today, we all look for Budget friendly smartphones  that fulfill our needs and are not heavy on our pockets too.



There are two types of cameras that comes in smartphones, one is rear camera and the other one is front camera. These days, this is one of the most important things that people look for in a smartphones as the world is fond of selfies.


There are various types of display that come in smartphones. Some of them are LCD, OLED, AMOLED, SUPER AMOLED, TFT, IPS. In today’s smartphones, IPS-LCD are being used in majority of them. These days, most of the Phone Screen come with gorilla glass as they are damage resistant.


Storage totally depends on an individual need. Storage is used to store files such as photos, music, etc. Installed storage space is 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 108GB and even 256GB in some of the latest smartphones. But as the storage increases prices also increase, so it is advisable to look for storage that suffice ones need.


The higher is the MAh, the better the battery is. These days lithium-ion battery is being used in most of the smartphones the technology employed in lithium-ion batteries is advanced, which allows for incredibly high charge capacities for the size and weight of the battery.


The processor is technically the most important part of the smartphone. Almost all operations on the smartphone depend on the processor. It is like a CPU of the computer. All the experience of opening the app and working on mobile phones such as internet search, movies and games depends on all mobile phones. The better the processor, the smoother and less delayed these operations can be.


Random access memory is abbreviated to RAM which is the storage that is used to store data in a phone. 4GB & 6GB rams are considered decent for smartphones these days.

Best affordable 5G smartphones of 2021

1.Oneplus Nord CE 5G

Storage: 64GB/128GB

Battery: 4500mah

Ram: 6GB/8GB

Processor: snap dragon 750G

Camera: 64MP (rear) & 16MP (front)

Display: 6.6 fluid AMOLED display

2.Samsung Galaxy M42 5G

Storage: 128GB

Battery: 5000 MAh

Ram: 6GB/8GB

Processor: snap dragon 750g

Camera: 48quad(rear) & 20MP (front)

Display: 6.6 S AMOLED

3.Motorola g60

Storage: 108GB

Battery: 6000 MAh

Ram: 6GB

Processor: snap dragon 732G

Camera: 108MP (rear) & 32MP (front)

Display: Full HD IPS Led display

4.IQOO Z3 5G

Storage: 128GB


Ram: 6GB

Processor: snap dragon 768G

Camera: 64MP (rear) & 16MP (front)

Display: full HD + IPS LCD display

5.Mi 10i 5G

Storage: 128GB

Battery: 4820 MAh

Ram: 6GB/8GB

Processor: snap dragon 750G

Camera: 108MP (rear) & 16MP (front)

Display: full HD + IPS display



So, before you choose the right smartphone for yourself. Do consider all these important features and compare with the options at hand. This guide will surely help you pick the right one.






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