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How To Crochet Hair: 11 Essential Tips to Attach Extensions

Crocheting hair

Crocheting hair is when you use a latch hook to attach extensions to your natural hair. Attach loose hair pieces by doubling them over and making a loop in the center of the segment or braids or twists with pre-made loops at the ends. Crochet hair extensions instead of sewing in a weave if you want to change your hairdo quickly.

Part 1: Create Canvas To Crochet Hair

1. Wash and dry your hair. 

After you crochet hair extensions, it may take some time to wash your natural hair completely. As you normally would, shampoo and condition your natural hair. Then air or blow dry it completely.

Apply a tiny amount of hair oil to your scalp to hydrate it if it is prone to dryness or itching. Purchase a hydrating product for your scalp and hair. Coconut oil is also effective!

2. Make cornrows with your natural hair.

Separate your natural hair into 1 in (2.5 cm) portions with a comb. Then braid the sections of your hair that run from front to back of your head. Cornrows are hair braids that can be used as a basis for hair extensions.

Are you stumped as to how to braid cornrows? Before you start crocheting your hair, learn how! Consider twisting your hair against your head for a simpler alternative to cornrows.

3. Thread a curved needle designed for hair extension installation.

Use a strong cotton thread that matches your natural hair color for 24 in (61 cm). To fix the thread in one big loop, tie a knot using the ends of the thread.

4. Sew any loose natural hair ends towards the back of your head down.

Brush the back of your head with the end of a braid. Then, insert the needle’s tip at the base of the braid, where it joins with your scalp. Pass the needle through the opposite side and above the knot to fix the end. Tighten the thread. Then, re-insert the needle under the braid to wrap the thread around the loose end and cornrow. Carry on in this manner until the braid is secure.

5. When you’ve finished tacking down the braid, secure the thread and cut it.

After you’ve fastened the braid, go through it one last time with the needle. Then, before pulling the thread taut, place the needle between the two threads. To make sure the thread is secure, repeat the process one more time. Then, right next to the needle’s eye, clip the end of the thread.

Part 2: Crocheting Through the Cornrows

1. Latch the hair extension with the crochet hook through a braid.

Push one of the braids at the base of your neck with the open crochet hook. Attach the loose hair extension or pre-made loop to the hook at the end of a braid. Close the latch on the hook after ensuring that all of the hair is on the hook.

You can unravel the loose hair extension section slightly before crocheting it or wait until the end. If you do unravel the hair first, make sure to twist it back together in the middle.

2. Pull the loose hair or braid through the cornrow by about 3 in (7.6 cm). 

Pull the hook back under and through the cornrow while the clasp is closed around the hair extension or loop. Slow down to avoid snagging your natural hair.

When crocheting thick, curly, or wavy hair extensions, remember that there may be some resistance. To avoid damaging your natural hair or the extensions, take it slowly.

3. Open the loop with your fingers and pull the ends through.

Open the latch on your hook and slip the hair off until the center of a loose hair extension is on the other side of the braid. Then open up the hair loop with your fingertips. Grasp the hair extension’s end with your fingers and draw the hair section’s ends through the loop.

Never attempt to open a loop on the end of a braided or twisted hair extension! Only do this with a little portion of hair at a time.

4. If the braid is pre-looped, hook or twist the end.

Keep the pre-made loop on the hook but open the clasp if you’re crocheting braid extensions. Then, approximately 3 in (7.6 cm) from the end, thread the braid onto the hook and draw it through the loop.

Remember that this will only work with braids and twists designed specifically for crocheting.

5. Pull the hair’s end through the loop until it’s taut.

Make sure to drag the ends through the loop until the hair is taut against the cornrows, whether crocheting loose hair parts or pre-looped braids. Crocheting the hair around the cornrow will create a little stitch or knot.

Repeat this method around your neck’s base. Using the same approach, add extra loose hair sections, braids, or twists.

6. Continue adding extensions by moving up to the next layer.

Continue layering extensions around your head until your scalp is completely covered. When you reach the crown, space out loose portions of wavy or curly hair by 2 finger-widths per row until you reach the crown, then 1 finger width apart. On the cornrows, place silky hair, braids, and twists adjacent to each other.

Use a pair of hair cutting shears to trim the hair extensions if they are longer than you want them to be or if you want to balance them out. To obtain the ideal length, only cut a small piece of hair at a time.






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